POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2021/03/12 20:34 JST

Hey there! Danny here. I see you have some questions eh? 

I have newbie questions!

These are usually covered in the Newbie Buyers Guide.

Something broke!

Don't panic! We will have your girls on the mend in no time. Smart Doll with broken limbs is bad karma so we want to get them up and running asap. However, emails with just "The arm broke - please help" will slow down the process. Send us photos of the injury and let us know how it happened. In most cases, injuries can be fixed by the owner and we will advise on how to do the repairs.

If not, our warranty should cover injuries for the first year - details here. There is no need to use the "it arrived broke" excuse because the warranty covers limb injuries anyway ;-)
If in the remote chance something did arrive broke, then we need to contact the courier service to see why and get them to cover the costs of breakage.

When are you going to restock or release blah?

Folks ask these questions all the time, and we reply where possible. However, when we reply that there is no ETA or that the item was in stock but recently sold out, we get replies such as "thanks for nothing" or "why bother replying when I can't buy the item." 
Since replies started to become entitled, we do not reply to any questions regarding restocking.

I saw something that looks like a scam website!

Thats because it probably is - details here.

You can send mail to, and somebody will get back to you during Japanese business hours, which is usually between 9 AM and 5:00 PM Tue - Sat which excludes Japanese public holidays.

Be wary that if you use Hotmail, Yahoo, Comcast or AOL, your provider may bounce our reply because they decided our email was spam...

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