POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2021/03/12 20:34 JST

Hey there! Danny here. I see you have some questions eh? The answers can probably be found quicker in the buyers guide if you are a newbie which covers questions regarding shipping and what your Smart Doll comes with.

Remember to learn about Smart Doll before deciding to buy and after you have decided then read the reasons not to buy which may save you some money ;-)

We have a small team so questions about when stuff is being released will be eaten by our pet dog. This is because if we answered every question, we would need to hire a few more team members just to reply to the questions. We never announce release dates anyway because we care about the quality of our products and the welfare of our team - if we announced hard release dates then we would have to sacrifice quality to release half baked products and our team would have to stay behind to work longer hours to meet deadlines - but I would rather send them home to relax instead of trying to make more money for the company.

Send mail to and somebody will get back to you during Japanese business hours which is usually between 9AM and 6PM Mon - Fri and excludes Japanese public holidays.

Be wary that if you are using Hotmail, Yahoo, Comcast or AOL, your provider may bounce our reply because they decided our reply was spam...

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