Scam Website Alert (thesmartdollus)

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2023/02/08 12:29 JST
www-thesmartdollus-com is a scam website

The website showcased above — "www-thesmartdollus-com" — is consistently flagged as fraudulent. They deceptively offer Smart Dolls for under 100 USD. Many victims have sought my advice, and although some have recovered their money through chargebacks, the site's ulterior motive is clear: capturing your personal and financial information.

Anticipating chargebacks is part of their strategy. By the time you take action, they've already harvested your details, and there's potential malware exposure for your device. To ensure everyone's safety, I've deliberately refrained from making the link clickable. We investigated the site using a sandboxed device used for QC purposes to ensure our systems remain uncompromised.

A whois domain investigation shows that the website is registered in China. To clarify, we neither produce nor ship from China. Our Smart Dolls are handmade and shipped from Tokyo.

Safety measures:

    • If you've inadvertently accessed the site, immediately clear your browser cache and cookies. Subsequently, log out of all your online accounts, especially email and social media, to prevent potential session hijacking. Regular password updates are crucial.
    • Merely visiting the fraudulent site could expose your device to malware. Initiate a comprehensive malware scan, ensuring that your antivirus and anti-malware software is updated beforehand.

For those who've made a purchase on the scam website:

    • Act swiftly: Reach out to your payment provider and seek a chargeback. Inform them about the site's deceptive practices to help safeguard others.
    • Stay Vigilant with Finances: Monitor for suspicious charges. Other victims have reported subtle transactions, especially on platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or Apple, that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    Help spread the word about this scam, but for security reasons, refrain from circulating the direct link to the scam site.

    Always prioritize safety and awareness. If you suspect a loved one, like a parent, guardian, or partner, might consider buying you a Smart Doll, promptly warn them about this scam. Direct them only to our verified retailers:

    • Smart Doll Online store: Our primary platform, dispatching products directly from Tokyo.
    • Fabric Friends: Our trusted retailer in Maryland, USA. Products are dispatched from their local offices.
    • Anime Sugoi: Our certified retailer in Neustadt, Germany, sending products from their local offices.

    We may have limited control over scam websites, but we can certainly warn others about their risks. They're not just targeting a one-time $100 – their ambitions are much broader. Remember, if a $100 Smart Doll deal sounds too good to be true, it's because it is.

    Anna Rabbit on Twitter luckily had anti-virus software installed when she attempted to access the website.

    This is just one example of an individual who believed they had purchased a doll from our site. However, upon reaching out to us about the status of their order, we couldn't find any record of it. They then shared screenshots that indicated they had paid 95 USD for a doll, and it was supposedly being shipped from China. To clarify, we neither price our dolls at 95 USD nor have any production activities in China.

    While we sympathize with those who fall victim to such scams, we cannot assume responsibility for purchases made outside our official channels. What we can offer, though, is guidance on potentially recovering their funds and safeguarding their personal and financial details from further misuse.