Before you get scammed...

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2023/02/08 12:29 JST
Chitose got scammed because she bought a Smart Doll from a scammy website.

Heads up!

Unfortunately, Smart Doll seems to have gained some popularity over the years, beckoning some unsavory scammy online websites.

If you (or your parent or guardian) are looking to buy a Smart Doll, know that the official retailers at this moment in time are:-

Smart Doll Online store - official sauce operated by us. Products are shipped out from Tokyo. URL is:-

Fabric Friends - official retailer in Maryland, America. Products are shipped out from their local store. URL is:-

Anime Sugoi - official retailer in Neustadt, Germany. Products are shipped out from their local offices. URL is:-

Official retailer prices are generally higher because they have to deal with all the hassle of import taxes and shipping.

If you order a Smart Doll from any other website not listed above, don't expect anything to arrive apart from a sense of despair as you realize you've been had - contact your payment provider to try and get your money back because we can't help you.

If you are ordering from an individual selling a secondhand Smart Doll, use PayPal to protect yourself, but do your homework to check the seller's reputation.

The best thing we can do on our end to reduce popularity is to actively dissuade folks from buying a Smart Doll altogether by continuing to make clear our business practices (the employee comes before the customer) and the imperfect handcrafted nature of our products.

The "Why Smart Doll may not be your best choice" document is linked to from every single product detail page (and even the cart) on the Smart Doll online store.

The best thing that Smart Doll owners can do is always to recommend other brands instead if you ever get into a conversation about which fashion doll is better ;-)

The less popular we are, the less likely scammers would want to continue spending time trying to scam folks seeking a Smart Doll.

Even before its launch in 2014, Smart Doll has always been the underdog in the fashion doll world - but I would rather remain the underdog than king of the hill.


And I have an update!

So somebody contacted us asking where their package was. We could not find their order, so they sent us screenshots showing that they paid 95 USD for a doll and that it was being shipped from China.

We do not sell dolls for 95 USD or make anything in China.

This is what happens when folks buy from scam websites. We take no responsibility for any products bought on other platforms that claim to be selling Smart Doll.
We can’t do anything about scam websites either.