Warranty & Returns

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2022/08/14 12:33 JST


  1. Warranty on a Smart Doll lasts for one year from the date of purchase or up to two limb injuries within the first year.
  2. We provide replacements under warranty for free, but we ask that you either pay for shipping or allow us to send replacements in your next order.
  3. Shipping rates live here and will be charged under the "0kg–1.899kg (volumetric)" tier.
  4. On any third injury, you need to start paying for the replacements as well as shipping.
  5. Any arm, shin, or foot breakage will cost 10,000 JPY to replace the broken component.
  6. Any breakages requiring a whole torso to be sent to you will cost 25,000 JPY. Shins are attached to the thigh, which in turn are attached to the torso. If you break a shin leaving a part of it stuck in the thigh, then you need a torso replacement *and* a shin replacement too (35,000 JPY).
  7. If you break the shin but manage to pull out the remaining part of the shin from the thigh, then all you need is a shin replacement.
  8. Warranty is not transferable among Smart Dolls, meaning if you bought Mirai in 2018 and then bought Kizuna in 2020, if you broke something on Mirai, then you can't use Kizuna's warranty to cover Mirai.
  9. Warranty is also not transferable among humans - even best friends! If your friend bought Mirai in 2018 and broke something, you can't use the warranty on your Smart Doll to cover for them.
  10. Warranty only covers parts with plastic moving components - eyes, bust, head, wigs, telescopic stand, or packaging are not covered by warranty.
  11. The warranty does not cover parts lost or stolen by others.
  12. This warranty covers Smart Dolls purchased from Fabric Friends and Anime Sugoi but does not from any other unofficial seller.
  13. If you need to pay for replacements, you can pay for just the replacement - or buy something from our store at the equivalent price and get the replacement for free.
  14. Replacement parts are not plug-and-play and may require some of your DIY ninja.
  15. The warranty does not cover discoloration due to environmental factors or staining caused by any wigs or apparel items (including ours) that may leave stains on the body.
  16. In the unlikely event that your package goes missing during transit, we will ask the courier service to open an investigation to locate the missing package. If they can't find it, they will usually compensate us for the purchase amount, which we can refund the customer.


We previously had a returns policy where we accepted returns in the event a customer got buyer's remorse. But over the years, many people abused this policy, returning items that smelled of tobacco or covered mammalian fur.

Thus "No Returns" is the new policy to not only circumvent policy abuse, but also to deter folks who are on the fence of buying. Please only proceed with a purchase only if you are cool with our business ethics and imperfect manufacturing processes.