Smart Doll Availability

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2021/03/27 10:28 JST

Hey folks! Danny Choo here. Today I want to talk about Smart Doll availability starting with the new Countdown feature.


Once upon a time, I wanted to put effort into making as many Smart Dolls as possible but I now realize that there is a trade-off in doing so with our current wo/man power. The more Smart Dolls we try to ship, the more effort we need to put in to maintain the quality and safety of the product - without the extra effort, the quality would take a nosedive - the Law of Diminishing Returns at work.

This extra effort would involve longer working hours for the team. We place emphasis on team welfare rather than on sales or what customers want - meaning that we won't be forcing the team to work longer hours to get stuff out the door. Nor are we willing to cut corners on craftswo/manship of our products.

For this reason, we have put a cap on how many Smart Dolls we can make each month. Up until now, this was a manual process on the online store but we have just rolled out some system changes to automate the process.

When we near our production capacity, a countdown timer will appear on certain products stating when they will be available again. Folks who seek the product should purchase when the countdown timer has completed. The email availability option for such Smart Dolls will not work so you need to make a note of when the countdown will be complete. However, a few caveats exist...

If we are able to stock up quicker than we expected, the countdown will be set to zero and the product will be available again. If we feel we need more time for production and quality control, we will extend the countdown instead of releasing half-baked products.

Interstellar Blue

Production of the interstellar blue skintone ended up being more of a burden than originally planned in terms of workflow, inventory management (moisture, light control), factory schedule planning and so on. We can only make blue at the sacrifice of the other skin tones in small batches. For this reason, the blue characters and vinyl option parts will have a higher price point. The caveat is that if we feel the team is getting slammed, we will release less than originally planned (hey that rhymes!) Remember that an overworked employee building a doll is never a good sign as their broken soul would possess a Smart Doll. I guestimate that all blue vinyl will be shipped and discontinued by end of 2021.


The guys are more problematic because we only got one set of molds making production super inefficient. But I don't want to make new molds now because I want to redesign the body sculpt instead.