Smart Doll Body Options

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2020/10/15 20:52 JST
This is the Fully Assembled version of Smart Doll that comes with the wig, sports bra + panties, telescopic stand + canvas bag. You need to attach the wig yourself.

We are rolling out an experimental new option for folks who are choosing a Smart Doll. On the product detail page of some Smart Doll's under the "Select Body Type" you will soon be able to choose "Fully Assembled" or "Bare Bone Kit."

"Fully Assembled" is the default Smart Doll package - a fully assembled Smart Doll with pre-attached eyes + painted head, wig, telescopic stand, sports bra and a keep calm canvas bag included. The "Fully Assembled" option is what folks have been able to buy up until now and was previously called "Vinyl Body." You still need to put the wig on yourself though.

"Bare Bone Kit" will be just the bare bones! A partially assembled Vinyl body kit with no wig, telescopic stand, sports bra or tote bag - it's like a Simplicity Kit without the wig or stand or sponge sandpaper. Folks who choose Bare Bone Kit will have to assemble the body themselves. Painted head with pre-attached eyes is included.

Many existing customers who have a few Smart Doll's have told us that they don't need the extra bits and pieces as apparently, their other Smart Doll's are willing to loan them to the new girl.

The Bare Bone Kit will be slightly cheaper (10% off) but won't leave you enough to buy a Porsche - well perhaps a toy Porsche ;-)

For the time being, the Bare Bone Kit option is only available to existing Smart Doll owners only - specifically folks who have already purchased from our Smart Doll online store so this does not include our retailers, second hand or abducted Smart Dolls. The reason is that most cases of fraud are from folks who bought discounted items in their first order.

Bare Bone Kit terms are subject to change in the past or future and will be announced on this page.

This is the Bare Bone Kit version of Smart Doll - no wig, no sports bra or panties, no telescopic stand and no canvas bag included.

The above photo is the Bare Bone Kit version - check the Simplicity instructions but remember - no wig, no stand, no sports bra + panties and no canvas bag are included.
We will only have a limited amount of bare Bone Kits each month.

At this moment in time, the Simplicity package is for special case products like Garage prototypes of for when folks are brave...

If you are still confused about the options then I would say refrain from placing an order ;-)