Smart Doll Body Options

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2020/10/15 20:52 JST
This is the Fully Assembled version of Smart Doll that comes with the wig, sports bra + panties, telescopic stand + canvas bag. You need to attach the wig yourself.

A few moons ago, there were different body types for Smart Doll but now there is only one type - "Fully Assembled" vinyl.

"Fully Assembled" is the default Smart Doll package - a fully assembled Smart Doll with pre-attached eyes + painted head, wig, telescopic stand, white sports bra + panties set, and a "keep calm" canvas bag included. All you need to do is remove your Smart Doll from the canvas bag, remove the bubble wrap and then wrestle to attach the wig - make sure to watch the Welcome Guide.

You do not need to buy anything else, but option parts such as other bust sizes or hand packs may make your Smart Doll happier.

The sports bra + panties that your Smart Doll comes with will fit bust sizes up to Large. Your Smart Doll will look fine in the sports bra + panties at home, but if you are taking them out, they may get cold/shy - in which case extra apparel items will help.

For some Smart Doll's, you will see an option to choose "Wig Type." Regardless of which wig you select, you will still get the Fully Assembled body. The ability to choose a wig type for a Smart Doll is an experimental feature to see what wigs customers prefer. The most popular option will live on ;-)