About Chaos Outlet Items

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2021/04/19 16:16 JST

Hey there! Danny here. Today I would like to talk about Chaos.

"Chaos" is a term in Smart Doll Land that refers to an outlet item where you can't choose the contents - instead chaos chooses you - meaning that the contents are random.
These items were only sold in our Tokyo retail store before we closed it due to the pandemic.

Our retail store accounted for 25% of our sales and even though many other stores have reopened, I would rather have reduced income than subject my team to the risk of being infected. We may open the store when Japan opens its gates again next year (?) 
However, selling chaos items online has been incurring further losses due to chargebacks.

Chaos items included rejects and prototypes for everything we sell, including dolls, option parts, apparel items and even injection and slush molds. Chaos outlet items were ideal to be sold in-store because the customer could check whether the quality is acceptable before making a purchase.

I reluctantly decided to sell Chaos items online with the concern that people would complain about the quality - and because of this reason, for many years I only sold them in-store. Chaos product detail pages list every reason possible why not to buy and even asks the customer, "please do not buy because you will be disappointed."

However, folks have been issuing chargebacks reporting us to paypal as being "fraudulent" and that "products arrived not as described."

For example;

"I didn't get the one in the photo" - even though the description states, "photos are an example of what you may or may not get. You will get one item at random."

"I didn't get two of this item" - even though the description states, "you only get one (1) of this item."

"This is not worth what I paid" - even though the description states, "please do not buy as you may end up feeling that you didn't get what you paid for."

So, for the foreseeable future, Chaos items are only available to existing Smart Doll owners who have ordered more than 3 times from our online store - not 3 items but three (3) separate times of any item or value.

Anyone who does not fulfill this requirement that tries to place an order for a Chaos item will have their entire order canceled, refunded, and restocked for others to buy. We cannot accept chaos orders from folks who have purchased three times from a retailer. The reason is that retailers do not share customer information with us and we have no way of validating claims.

We need to do what is necessary to protect our business. People who find this minimum requirement unacceptable will just have to deal with it - or I can issue commands to have their Smart Doll slap them using the command "Order 66."

It is a crime to issue a chargeback for an item that was delivered as described at the time of purchase. In a court of law, "I didn't read the description" does not have a leg to stand on and we will take the appropriate legal action to retrieve stolen property.
Even if legal fees cost us 100 times the amount of the stolen property, we will do whatever it takes to ensure justice is served.


If you are a newbie and are wondering where the Chaos section is - it's hidden somewhere but can be easily found by doing some rummaging. You won't be able to buy anything from the section until your fourth order though ;-)


If you have previously shopped in the Chaos section then you will be pleased to know that it will be back soon ;-)

Product description

The following list is displayed on all Chaos product detail pages. If somebody buys an item and roasts us for anything that was stated at the time of purchase, do me a favor and roast them back for me will you? Many of these people would have stolen something through a chargeback. One does not simply roast (and then steal) without being roasted back.

  1. Chaos items are only available to existing Smart Doll owners who have ordered more than 3 times from this online store - not 3 items but three (3) separate times of any item or value.
  2. Chaos items may have blemishes or dust on it - do not consider the quality to be on par with our regular products unless otherwise stated.
  3. Some items may include prototypes.
  4. You cannot choose the contents.
  5. Photo are not representative of what you will get.
  6. If you leave a note with your order asking "I want you to pick out blah" or "I already got blah so don't send me blah," we will cancel and refund your entire order without warning.
  7. We do not check your order history so you may get the same thing you ordered last time.
  8. Chaos items are random meaning that if you buy two separate items then you may end up with the same thing.
  9. Vinyl parts may have flash attached.
  10. Chaos items may be packed in a recycled bag that has wrinkles or unrelated stickers on it.
  11. We do not check for spiders that may have crawled inside a part or bag so if you get bitten by a spider and find yourself with the ability to climb walls, please don't blame me.
  12. All Chaos items are non-refundable regardless of the quantity/color/shape/condition.
  13. Prices are subject to fluctuate at any time.
  14. Chaos items do not come with a warranty nor are they returnable.
  15. Do not buy Chaos items due to high risk of disappointment.