Welcome to Smart Doll Land


Hey Folks! My name is Danny Choo and I'm the creator of Smart Doll. I hope they bring you as much inspiration as much as they have brought us right here at Culture Japan! The welcome guide used to be a huuuge wall of text and photos - now it's just one video (for now). Please watch the video before you open your Smart Doll - it shows you how to put on the wig and what you should avoid doing etc.

When I buy an electronic gadget I usually don't read the instructions because I think I can manage without them - Smart Doll however is different! You need to watch the video for a smooth experience or you may start to flip tables or even worse - break something.

This is the latest unboxing video where the packaging is accurate as of 2020/10/17. You should also check out the other video guides on how to maintain the wig, dress your Smart Doll properly, etc.

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