Smart Doll Video Guides

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2020/10/17 15:45 JST

This page contains the most important videos that you need to get up and running with your Smart Doll. If are strapped for time then just watch the first video on this page which is the unboxing that goes over the basics.

The latest and greatest unboxing video - accurate as of 2020/10/17 in regards to packaging.

This video goes over the basics and some tricks on how to effectively dress your Smart Doll.

In this video you will learn why wigs are the most difficult component that we make and how to maintain them effectively.

If you get hold of a Bare Bone or Simplicity Kit version of Smart Doll then you must watch this video or you will struggle to put the parts together - or break something.

This is how we assemble each and every vinyl body.

When vinyl is cast in our factory, we need to cut off the flash - each piece cut by a human. If you think you are a ninja and can do the same then (and live in Tokyo) then please contact me ;-)

The making of Smart Doll - super old video due for a revamp soon.

More making of Smart Doll but this time featuring some of our team members.

If you get hold of birthmark or vitiligo parts then this video shows you how to swap them.

If you get hold of a Smart Doll guy kit then you need to watch this first as it shows you how to squeeze his...shoulders to get the arms in the sockets.