How to build Smart Doll Cortex

Hana aged eleven about to build her first Smart Doll Cortex

Hey Folks! My name is Danny Choo and I'm the creator of Smart Doll.
So, you have already read about Cortex and think you got what it takes to build one yourself? Think again by reading the following and then watching the video - don't just choose a kit because you want a cheap Smart Doll or you may end up regretting it ;-)


We have 2 types of Cortex DIY (Do It Yourself) Kit which all come with the wig and head which is pre-eyed with makeup so you don't end up with a bald blank face. The head material is Cortex where the makeup looks slightly different than their vinyl counterpart makeup. The telescopic stand is included too.

All Cortex Smart Doll's are compatible with vinyl option parts such as busts, hands, feet and ears. The Cortex bust is not flexible at all so you may want to pick up a soft vinyl bust to extend the range of motion around the neck area in particular. Cortex comes with some sponge sandpaper (or net mesh in the case of Cocoa) which you will use to treat any scuff marks that appear on the surface. The wig could be prone to wiggling more on the Cortex head than a vinyl head due to the surface being slightly slippery.

The current Cortex DIY Kit in milk comes with Cortex clasp hands - you may want to buy the default vinyl hands at the same time. Cocoa and Tea kits currently come with vinyl hands. The neck socket on the head is intentionally tight so will be difficult to put on the first time. Watch the Welcome Video which covers your Cortex Smart Doll.

All the kits are stored in a bag where the parts have been cut away from the runners - the surface has not been treated and will come with scuff marks. Scuff marks on Cocoa are particularly noticeable. Scuff marks are treated with the included sponge or net mesh. Cocoa will also end up being shiny after the surface has been treated.

NINJA GRADE KIT - this is a kit version where the internal frame is pre-built for you. You have build the shell yourself. Difficulty level is High. No sports bra included.
FINAL BOSS KIT - this is a kit version where you have to assemble both frame and shell yourself - difficulty level is Extreme which requires brute force and high cognitive abilities as there are no instructions. Nearly as difficult than that Mario level. We do not offer any advice on how to build the kits whatsoever. No Sports Bra included. We do have a pre-assembled version that comes with the white sports bra that you see in the photos.


Folks should also understand that the kits were not developed for a consumer to put together which is why a lot of work is required. We are only selling the kits at the request of many customers who have read and understood the specs and product concept. We strongly recommend against buying the kit versions unless you have the utmost confidence in your modeling skills.

Incidentally, we only hire folks who have completed the Mirai Frame challenge to build the frame successfully without instructions - working with ambiguity is key at Smart Doll Land. Disclaimer - we are not going to hire everybody that completes the frame but I still would like to have a chat! Buying the Final Boss Grade Kit does not guarantee you a job with us. We cannot hire smokers as we do not want to ship stuff to customers that smell of smoke - sorry!

You will need to get your own pliers and superglue for the Ninja and if you are going for the Final Boss kit then you will already know what tools you need.

Please make sure that you do not cut yourself or glue your own body parts together. Please make sure children do not cut, glue themselves, swallow any of the parts or use parts as a life raft or parachute. Please wear goggles when cutting the gates or using superglue.

By purchasing either of these kits you agree that Mirai Inc is not responsible for any damage to any physical product or environment and that any harm that is brought upon you or anybody who comes into contact with the product is the responsibility of the purchaser. Cortex parts are harder than vinyl so one could possibly cut their finger on the edges which consumers could claim to be sharp. Cortex kits contain small parts that are a chocking hazard when humans or animals attempt to eat them.

You also understand that the kits do not come with any warranty whatsoever unless parts are defective. Defective parts do not include warped or tight parts - such parts are treated in the post processing that we do when we build the pre-assembled Smart Dolls.

The pre-assembled Cortex dolls do come with the same warranty outlined here.

Prices are subject to change at anytime without warning - just like when you drive up to the gas stand to find out they are charging more (or less) per gallon ;-) Terms and product specs are also subject to change without warning. Folks who are not keen on this idea should turn away now


As mentioned, folks should avoid the kits unless they have the utmost confidence in building them. In the event that they break parts, they will have to purchase spares which are only sold in sets as follows. We are not in this business to profit from spare parts and want people to consider carefully when purchasing a kit.

ARMS SHELL (both arms) 6900 JPY
LEGS SHELL (both legs from thigh to feet) 8900 JPY
FRAME COMPLETE (pre-built frame) 18000 JPY
FRAME (DIY frame)  12000 JPY
We do not sell single pieces - please consider this when thinking of buying a kit.

Now that all the legal mumbo jumbo is out of the way, I need to warn you of another thing - folks who have built either the Final Boss or Ninja Grade have (nearly) all mentioned that they want to build more - this could impact the thickness of your wallet.

Still not deterred from buying a Cortex DIY Kit? OK then! Watch the video and take note of the additional information below which has introduced after the video was made.

Happy Hana after building her first Smart Doll Cortex.

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