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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2018/12/16 11:25 JST
The Japan Post guy comes a few times a day to pick up your goodies

Hey Folks! Danny here. I wanted to give you the lowdown on everything regarding shipping and warranty.

When is your stuff shipped?

Folks who are ordering stuff online will have their shipments picked and packed during store opening times. The product detail page usually states something like "ships within 2 - 5 business days" - business days do not include Japanese public holidays. "Ships" means when we send your stuff and not when it arrives at your doorstep. We pool together feedback on how folks discover our brand so when ordering, if you leave a note mentioning how you came across Smart Doll, your order is likely to be given priority shipping over folks who ordered before you but didn't leave a note.

Free Shipping

As of 2018/12/16 we are still offering free shipping for orders that are more than 60,000 JPY. There is an option that shows up on the checkout page - choose the "FREE SHIPPING" option. This option is the same shipping method as all other shipments. If folks are returning stuff, we do a full refund minus the cost of shipping that we initially paid.

Shipping - how much desu ka?

Many folks write in with one liner asking "How much is it to ship to Texas?" - they don't specify what they want so it's difficult to answer. Folks who want to find out how much stuff is to ship should put stuff in their cart and proceed to checkout. After entering the address, our system will calculate the shipping costs.

Custom fees

We have zero control over what the customs officers in your country may or may not charge you. If you are ordering something do note that we are not responsible for any additional taxes that may be applied in your country. As far as I know, folks in the United States are not charged any form of tax on our products.

About lowering declaration values

If you specifically ask for declaration values to be decreased like "please lower value to 1000 yen" or "please lower value" etc then your order is automatically cancelled. The reason we cancel is because we have to assume that you are unable to pay custom fees and we would be at fault for sending the package knowing that you made a request at the time of order.

Combining orders

Where possible we will combine your order automatically and refund the shipping if eligible. For example if you ordered a Smart Doll and got free shipping but then placed another order later - we will combine both orders *if* the items fit in one box. Our Tardis boxes which fit everything are not working right now meaning that we may not be able to physically fit everything in one box.

Multiple Shipments

Folks ordering a load of goodies should expect that orders go out in multiple boxes - the order they go out in depends on whats ready first. You will usually get a mail with the tracking numbers.

Danny's sign

I can sign stuff when requested but I'm not always in Japan - I travel a lot to events overseas and I'm not going to ask staff to sign on my behalf like Whitney Houston did in the Bodyguard (I love that scene!) So if you requested a birthday note and didn't get one then you know why ;-)

Track your package with the EMS number we send you

Expedited Shipping

"Expedited" is a fancy word isn't it? I first heard it used when I was working at Amazon and you hear people in the corporate world using it. Its just a nicer way of saying "hurry up and give me blah quicker!" From the point of the seller (like us) we would love for you to have your stuff yesterday but unfortunately we are reliant on services that we do not run (yet) like Japan Post, airline cargo, pilot schedules etc. On top of that are services in your country like your customs and postal service. Until we are able to send intercontinental drones to deliver your goodies - we do not guarantee exactly when you are going to get your stuff.

Shipping  is also affected by earthquakes and typhoons in Japan - Tokyo is very sensitive to such events and everything can grind to a halt when calamity strikes.

Have a look at the photo above - this is a typical shipment to the United States which is our biggest market. We shipped in the evening on the 12th of December and the package arrived at the customers house on the 15th in Chicago. Remember that this is just an example and no guarantees that you will receive yours in the same timeframe. Have a look at the comments on this Instagram and Twitter post to see the delivery times of packages to some folks around the world.

DHL and Fedex

At this moment in time we have not implemented workflows to cater for courier shipments but may do so in the future. I will announce if and when plans are in place.

Discreet Packaging

Our boxes have the Smart Doll blazoned on the box - this is the only box we have. If you request discreet packaging we will direct you to this post and confirm whether you would like to cancel your order. We previously kept a zillion types of box and it soon became very unscalable - double corrugated printed/blank for overseas shipments, single corrugated printed/blank for Japan domestic shipments (cos Japanese postmen tend not to throw boxes around) - and thats just for the Smart Doll box - then there is the accessory box...

As of 2019/03/05, our accessory boxes are now also double corrugated.

When will my stuff arrive?

For the reasons mentioned above, we cant guarantee when packages arrive on your doorstep. Folks are encouraged to refrain from ordering in the event that they need to know exactly when an item will arrive.

"Where is my stuff"

We will presume that folks who contact us asking where their stuff is (even though its within the 2 - 5 business days that we ask for) are in some form of urgency and we will reply letting them know that we can only ship within 2 - 5 business days as stated on the product detail page - we will ask whether we should cancel the order as they maybe expecting their goodies sooner than we can deliver. Our products are hand crafted in our Tokyo offices and we would rather take time sending out a quality product than something half finished.

Special cases for longer shipping times.

Occasionally we have a Time Sale where products are discounted and a bazillion people want it. In these cases shipping times may take a few days longer than we ask but there is always a note on the website mentioning this.

Shipping for Christmas and Birthdays

We often get asked if we can deliver before Christmas. For the reasons stated above and the fact that we are not yet acquainted with Santa himself, we cannot guarantee any arrival dates at all. Please don't disappoint a young one by promising them Santa will deliver a Smart Doll by Christmas day - maybe say that he maybe caught in traffic.

Mirai Store Tokyo

Instore Pickup

Currently you can only request to pickup in our Flagship Store in Tokyo - Mirai Store Tokyo. You will be refunded any shipping that you paid after pickup. If you do want to pickup in store then leave a note with your order but we can only hold orders for 10 business days.

While we do get cancellations once in a blue moon, the huge majority love their Smart Dolls!

Cancellations & Returns

This section is very important so please read. If the following is cool then awesome! If not then it means that we wont be able to meet your expectations in which case we ask you to refrain from making a purchase.

If you feel your life is at risk due to your partner finding out that you just spent 500 USD on a doll and need to cancel - contact us by replying to the order confirmation email ASAP or use the links in the footer to find the contact form. If you cancel before we ship then we refund you in full. It may take PayPal or your credit card company to return the money to you but rest assured - we don’t want your money if we don’t exchange anything for it.

If your parcel has already been sent out then just reject the parcel when it arrives - your postal folks will return it to us. When we receive the parcel and find that the contents are unharmed, we will refund you minus any postage that we paid to send it to you. Orders over 60,000 JPY qualify for free shipping but that shipping cost is paid by us.

Even if items are returned unopened - we cannot resell them due to bad karma. Instead we use the items for development or displays in Mirai Store.

If you ordered something and decide within 14 days that you don’t like it then contact us - we will provide you with our shipping address. You pay for the cost to return the goods. When the goods arrive back at HQ, we inspect the goods to see if they are in the same condition as it was when we sent it - in which case we refund you minus any shipping we paid to send the package to you.
If the product *is not* in the same condition (covered in dog fur, smells of tobacco etc) then we will refund you partially which can be anything up to 50% off what you paid for the products depending on the damage.

We perform torque tests on Smart Doll limbs to ensure that there is a unified degree of joint stiffness.

About Warranty

Smart Doll was designed to be sturdy and won't break in normal conditions. Just like humans however, limbs can break when bent the wrong way or too far. If this happens, contact us - there is a link on the form for you to upload photos of the injury. Please include a photo of the Care Card inside the torso as it has your serial number and names of the craftsmen responsible - we all want to be held accountable for the quality you expect from Smart Doll. Sometimes you can remedy the injury yourself in which case we will guide you. If you cant then we will give you instructions on how to order free replacement parts. You pay for shipping though.

This warranty lasts for 1 year or up to two injuries within the first year. On the third injury however, you need to start paying for healthcare. This also means that if you only manage to break something after one year then the warranty is not applicable.
-Any arm injuries will cost 10,000 JPY
-Any feet or shin injuries will cost 10,000 JPY
-Any injuries which require a whole torso to be sent to you will cost 20,000 JPY
Shins are attached to the thigh which in turn are attached to the torso. If you break a shin which leaves a part of it stuck in the thigh then you need a torso replacement *and* the shin replacement too. If you break the shin but manage to pull out the remaining part of the shin from the thigh then all you need is a shin replacement.

For replacements however, we prefer not to charge you just for the part and want you to have some goodies at the same time. For this reason we ask that you purchase anything you like to the amount mentioned in the list above and we give you the replacement for free. You still pay for shipping though unless the order is above 60,000 JPY.

Do note this warranty only covers limbs and torso but not the bust or head as they do not contain moving parts - would be scary if they did.
This warranty also covers Smart Dolls purchased from our official retailers but not any purchased from resellers. A reseller is a person who purchased the product for the sole purpose of reselling it. Somebody who bought a Smart Doll, opened it and sold it is not considered a reseller. Resellers never open a product as this would reduce the value and their margin.
If you bought from a reseller because you was desperate for the item and broke something - the only way we can help you out is if you help us out. If you are willing to grass on who sold it to you then we will help you because you helped us hunt down another reseller lol. 

Our warranty does not cover stains to the body - the use of stain prevention innerwear is encouraged. Warranty does not cover the telescopic stand, bag or any paper based material that comes with the doll - nor does warranty cover the box that the product is shipped in.

Many of our apparel items embrace the Wabi-Sabi look and feel which are designed to have loose threads, holes and warn surfaces. However, something like a white shirt is not part of the Wabi-Sabi collection and should not have torn surfaces. If you find a problematic item then contact us with a photo of the Quality Control Ninja sticker on the apparel package. These stickers are not to point fingers - they ensure we remain accountable and enable us to improve any problems in our QC workflow that may exist.

We want to be held accountable for the quality you expect from Smart Doll - we need a photo of this card whenever you contact us with a problem.

About Wear and Tear

Smart Doll has moving parts which are subject to wear and tear. We have a Section on how to care for your Smart Doll if joints become too loose. The head socket may develop small cracks after repeated removals when changing apparel for example. If the head feels loose, small cracks are easily remedied either with a hairdryer or a few drops of super glue to the affected area. Wear and tear is not covered by our warranty.

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