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Mirai wearing the used CJ T-shirt that is pigment dyed and lace black shorts.

TLDR (Summary)

The Too Long Didn't Read Summary - we understand that Smart Doll is a hefty investment to make and that some folks want their dolls to be in pristine condition forever - if this matches your description then none our of products would be suitable for you - please seek other brands. Folks who are considering purchasing our products will have to accept that anything that exists in the cosmos will age with time.


Smart Doll is made up of the same stuff as you - no not plastic but polymers. All polymers are subject to degradation based on environmental factors such as (but not limited to) heat, UV light and moisture. For example, just like human skin, plastic properties can change under prolonged exposure to UV light.

For this reason, even a white T-shirt that has no risk of staining will be given a “Stain Risk” rating of “LOW” - this is due to the fact that the T-shirt could accumulate moisture or scents that may (or may not) affect the speed of polymer degradation of your Smart Doll.

These Stain Risk ratings are given to apparel so that you understand the risks before making the decision to buy.

"LOW" rating

This means that there is little to no chance of staining - but we choose not to have a rating called "zero" due to the fact that even white fabrics could cause discoloration from the afore mentioned environmental factors. A white T-shirt won’t actually stain but some customers feel that discoloration is the same thing. 

Wigs will be given a Low rating due to the fact that they wrap around the head - even though we use light colors for our wig caps, any fabric that comes into contact with the skin surface of a Smart Doll may cause discoloration. The fibers on the wig are not inked - they wont stain but may (or may not) also discolor the surface of the skin.

Vinyl products such as the Vinyl Pumps wont stain but may (or may not) cause discoloration due to environmental factors. Shoes or sandals with white or cream-colored lining may cause skin discoloration due to the proximity to the feet. 

"MEDIUM" rating

This means that staining is possible depending on how you handle the product. For example, pigment dyes tend to fall off the garment when rubbed or handled. Some customers have not experienced any staining with Medium rated products while some others have. Mohair wigs will have a Medium rating as they are dyed.

"HIGH" rating

This means that there is a high possibility of staining and that you should take measures such as using stain prevention leggings, stain prevention body suit, or use a spare body.

A few notes:-

  • Leather surfaces that come in contact with other fabrics or the skin surface of a Smart Doll are likely to leave a stain. However, leather shoes usually have a white or cream-colored lining that won't stain but may cause discoloration.
  • All apparel items that we dye are also given a color fixing agent to minimize the risk of staining.
  • We always do staining tests of our apparel items for durations ranging from weeks to months in field tests.
  • We need to emphasize that even white fabrics that are left on the Smart Doll body for prolonged periods may (or may not) cause discoloration. This includes stain-prevention leggings and socks.


While we do provide aftercare for breakages, we do not provide any warranty for discoloration through aging/polymer degradation. Nor do we provide a warranty on any stains that may (or may not) occur from the use of our products. We require folks to understand and agree to these terms before making a purchase decision.

Maintaining your Smart Doll

  • Use stain prevention items such as leggings or socks where possible.
  • Check the body regularly for signs of staining - if you discover tell-tale signs of staining at an early stage, then most stains can be removed with paint thinner.
  • Please change the clothes on your Smart Doll regularly or undress them so that the whole body can get a dose of fresh air.
  • While you don’t need to change the apparel of your Smart Doll every single day - you should be changing your own human clothing regularly - especially underwear every 4 days at least - front, back, inside out, front, back.

Universal Stain Ratings for Fashion Dolls

There are many talented folks out there who make apparel for Smart Doll - they are free to use these ratings with their products.

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