Box contents & Upon Arrival

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2020/10/15 20:52 JST

Hey there, and welcome to Smart Doll Land! Danny Choo here.

This article will cover what's in the box and what you should do when your Smart Doll arrives.

Many moons ago, there were different body types for Smart Doll, but now there is only one fully assembled vinyl Smart Doll with pre-attached eyes + painted head, wig, support stand, sports bra + panties set, and a canvas bag. When your Smart Doll arrives, set the bag on a flat surface, and your Smart Doll will climb out on their own.

If your Smart Doll is too tired due to the long flight, you may need to help them remove the bubble wrap before wrestling to attach the wig. The latest Unboxing video shows you how to do this.

When considering a Smart Doll purchase, you do not need to buy anything else, but option parts such as other bust sizes or hand packs may make your Smart Doll happier and prevent them from staring at you all the time with puppy eyes.

The sports bra + panties that come with your Smart Doll will fit bust sizes up to Medium. Your Smart Doll will look fine in the sports bra + panties at home, but if you take them outdoors, they may get cold/shy and slap you - in which case extra apparel items will help.

The canvas bag in image 1 above is what your Smart Doll will be packaged in, and is shipped in a double corrugated box sturdy enough to protect your smartie during transit.

Image 2 above shows the canvas bag's contents, including your Smart Doll which is wrapped in plastic and bubble wrap. The support stand and wig will also be in the box with any other apparel or accessories you may have ordered. 

If you ordered a cocoa Smart Doll, the box will have some melamine sponge to help remove scuff marks that appear more prominently on darker skin vinyl. The sponge should be rubbed gently in a circular motion on the scuff mark. We ask folks not to put the sponge or Smart Doll in their mouth which will lead to a Darth Vader self-choke. Your Smart Doll will be sad - because they won't have anybody around to buy them new apparel or accessories - unless they know where you left your credit card.

The box can even be reused as LEGO storage or a cozy bed for your cat or dog (just ensure they don't poo in it). The support stand and wig bags are resealable/reusable.

Please note that the sports bra, support stand, and head cap included with your Smart Doll will be randomly selected in color - we don't offer options for you to choose from. The new head cap design offers an improved grip for the wig, with recessed holes for those who want to attach magnets and add accessories on top of the wig.

If you need to remove or attach the head, hold the base of the neck firmly with one hand while holding the head firmly with the other (image 1 above). Pull or push while wriggling back and forth. If you are re-attaching the head, ensure there is no gap between the top of the neck and the base of the head. Image 2 above shows a bad example, while image 3 shows a good example. You can check the gap by tilting the head to make a "Confused Smart Doll" pose (image 4).

This attachment mechanism works by utilizing the shoulders of the skeletal frame to hold the bust in place, allowing the neck to compress downwards while maintaining springing force pushing up on the head. Attaching the head may be more difficult than with legacy frames - just remember to hold the base of the neck firmly, which greatly helps.

The arms, shins, and feet are removable but require simple ninja skills that involve wriggling back and forth while pulling or pushing (also known as Wriggle Push n Pull).

Holding the shin bent at 90 degrees will make it easier to remove/attach (image 3). Holding the feet backward in your palm will help you attach them easier as your palm helps push them back on (image 2) - make sure to twist the feet to face forwards once attached.

You can bend the elbow so that hands can touch the shoulders (image 2), but you need to reset the elbow by pushing it back into the upper arm (image 1). Don’t leave the elbow out like in image 3. Also, note the elbow's direction - don’t twist it backward.

The posing and articulation techniques demonstrated in this video for the pear body are largely applicable to the classic body as well. This means you can use the same concepts and ideas to pose and articulate both types of bodies effectively.

There are 3 reasons why Smart Dolls wear a set of sports bra and undies upon shipping.

  1. So that our girls don’t get too cold on the flight over to you.
  2. So their forearms don’t rub against their hips in the package.
  3. So that our girls don’t get embarrassed in a birthday suit when meeting their owner for the first time - I’m sure you would feel awkward too - like when watching Netflix with family and all of a sudden there is a completely pointless and unexpected hanky panky scene and you all stare at the TV trying not to look at each other.

Lastly, check our video guides, which may help with your questions. If you can't find the answer, shoot us an email to the same email that we use to send your shipping notification - try to use the same email when ordering so that we can attend to you in a speedy manner.

You can also learn about the Evolve frame inside your Smart Doll to get a better understanding of your Smart Doll experience.