Weathered n Worn

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2018/12/01 21:03 JST
We use Pumice stones when we bio-stone wash our garnments

One of the key concepts of Smart Doll is "Smart Doll for the Outdoors.” While they do look great on display at home or the office, Smart Dolls are really designed to be taken outdoors. For this reason, many items in our apparel line embrace the Weathered n Worn look and feel.

Another one of Smart Doll’s key concepts is “Unconventional” - ie not abiding to what is considered the “norm” - live a life that you wanted - not a life how bothered wanted you to live - wear what you want - not what others want you to wear. A Spick-and-span dinner jacket has a sense of dressing up to look good to please others while a used jacket by its very nature of looking worn with holes in it makes a statement - "I wear what I want and I want to be comfortable and not care what you think. I don't care if my jacket gets muddy stains on it either - but would mind if dog poo got on it - especially if that dog had a stomach ache.“

To replicate worn material, holes, worn edges and frayed threads, our line of Weathered n Worn apparel items go through multiple stages of artificial aging which include laser distressing, bio-stone washing and sand papering.

Mirai in Central Park New York in a full set of Weathered n Worn