Availability Notifications

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2021/04/27 20:06 JST

Want to be notified?

Hey there! Danny here.
If you want to know when a product drops on the Smart Doll online store, you need to follow the SmartdollLand Twitter account. If you want to be notified when a drop happens, you have the option of installing the Twitter app on your mobile device and set it to notify you when SmartdollLand tweets.

SmartdollLand will only tweet when there are product drops for new releases, chaos, garage, licensed releases and product restocks. The account will be the first place that drops are announced. Any cryptic clues to passphrases will also only be tweeted on the account.

SmartdollLand will not tweet product announcements or retweet images of cute kittens - you need to follow the Smartdoll account for that.

Don't have a Twitter account or are not interested in One?

If you don't have a Twitter account or are not interested in social media, then just signup for a Twitter account anyway, leave your profile blank, follow the SmartdollLand account and set your account to private - nobody would be able to see your personal details or follow you. Then set the app to notify you when somebody you follow tweets - that would be us ;-)

Before you follow

Before you follow the SmartdollLand Twitter account for product notifications, there are some things you should know.

  1. SmartdollLand will tweet for any product drop. So if you are only interested in one particular product, you will get notifications for all drops which you may not want.
  2. As there are folks constantly stalking the Smart Doll online store, by the time the tweet goes out, products may already be sold out.
  3. If you don't get notifications from your Twitter app then Twitter are the folks to ask as we do not make their app.
  4. Tweets are usually done when Japan is awake. Some folks are unaware that other countries have different time zones so they complain when there is a drop 2AM their time.
  5. I promise that I would only troll you every April the 1st.

How about the email alerts?

The email alerts are being phased out due to the overhead needed to manage the feature. Many people complained that they either didn't receive the alert or that the alert arrived but the product was sold out - we do not have control of either phenomenon. We do not control the world's email servers, nor can we convince a stalker to get some sleep instead. Complaints to our customer support took too many resources. We are a small team of 25 and would rather spend time making cute Smarties.

By having one twitter account with all the announcements, it is up to the follower to manage the in-app notifications on their mobile device. 

If you have already signed up to be notified by email, you will need to follow the SmartdollLand twitter account as alerts will not be sent out. The database with registered emails will be deleted.

Why Twitter?

Twitter updates are simple - posting a bunch of text and a link can be done in seconds but Instagram requires an image and Facebook will decide if they want you to see the post or not.