Things you must know before buying into the Smart Doll Brand

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2019/03/07 22:16 JST
Parts for our soft vinyl Smart Dolls are made in our factory in East Tokyo - Katsushika

Hey It's Danny here - creator of Smart Doll.
This is going to be a short post until I get the longer version up but it's very important. Our design philosophy and business practices are very different from the norm and it's important that potential customers understand this before making a purchase. The last thing we want is for somebody to end up with buying something that they didn't want from a company that they didn't like. This page is linked to a popup which appears before folks can proceed to checkout. They are required to read and understand any terms about the product spec on the product detail page - and also the terms and specs outlined in the following links. Unfortunately a "I didn't read any of it" does not stand in a court of law when you try to sue us - so to protect yourself please read ;-)

I have written some public posts which we want folks to read before making a purchase.

About our design and business philosophy

About our product quality

About our weathered apparel

About our wigs

About Discoloration and Pigment Dyes

About Stain Risk Ratings

About one of our core beliefs 

We also ask folks to understand the warranty/returns policy and also that your customs may or may not charge you for import tax.

Also check this video to see how we make stuff.