SmartDoll Outpost @ Anime Impulse

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2024/03/23 16:55 JST

Hey there! Danny here.
I'm excited to unveil our plans for Anime Impulse, set for May 18th and 19th, 2024, at the Seattle Convention Center. Secure your tickets here and join us as we embark on a new endeavor for the very first time. 
Our participation is fueled by the ambition to not only engage with both new and existing customers but also to broaden the appeal of dolls to a wider audience. While we won't be selling our Smart Doll display collection, we're launching the "Smart Doll Outpost" as our initiative to give back to the community that has steadfastly supported us over the years and to introduce the world of dolls to more people.

The Outpost, extending over a length of 64 feet (approximately 20 meters), is set to feature 8 tables, each measuring 8 feet by 2 feet. This arrangement is planned to showcase the diversity and creativity of Smart Doll enthusiasts:

  • Smart Doll HQ: One table will be dedicated to showcasing our diverse Smart Doll collection.
  • Back Stage: This table is reserved for Smart Doll owners to display their dolls. The Back Stage welcomes Smart Dolls dressed in any attire, whether it's from Culture Japan, other manufacturers, or your own creations. Like at Anime NYC, we'll be providing Smart Doll-sized Back Stage Passes but have a limited number. You can bring as many of your Smart Dolls as you want, including Smart Doll Plus. No registration is required - just come and display! Please note that owners are responsible for the safety of their Smart Dolls and possessions.
  • Trading Outpost: One table will be established as a dedicated trading hub, specifically for Smart Doll owners to exchange apparel and accessories suitable for any Smart Doll, not limited to items from Culture Japan. This inclusive space welcomes products from any manufacturer or creator, provided they are approximately 1/3 scale and intended for Smart Dolls.

    It's important to note that the trading of other branded dolls is not permitted, for reasons that will be discussed below. Trading at this table is intended to be a communal and engaging activity, where owners label and present their items, facilitating direct discussions and trades with others. Participation is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and we may request that you prioritize your items to ensure a fair opportunity for all interested parties.

    This trading experience is offered completely free of charge. As this is our inaugural attempt at organizing such an exchange, the outcome is uncertain. Should this new venture not meet expectations, we are prepared to repurpose the area as an extension of the Backstage area. Owners are required to be present to manage their trades, guaranteeing a smooth and personal transaction process. 

  • Creator Tables: The remaining 5 tables are allocated to Smart Doll creators (listed below) running small businesses in apparel and accessories. These tables are provided free of charge, supporting creators to monetize their creations without any fees to us. Each creator is responsible for their transportation, lodging in Seattle, and managing their payment processing (e.g., PayPal, Square) - and a tablecloth to tailor their exhibiting experience ;-)

It's important to note that only Smart Dolls are permitted to be displayed. While our Tokyo store has been open to customers bringing in various doll brands, we've faced accusations from other manufacturers about promoting our brand through their products. We stand by the uniqueness of Smart Doll and do not rely on other brands for promotion.

I have reached out to folks who were nominated as Smart Doll Creators and those who I met at previous events. Those who accepted the invite will be selling their goodies at the Smart Doll Outpost who are…

Elite Doll World
Elite Doll World, founded by Katherine Paige, is renowned for its unique, handmade doll fashions, lovingly crafted in New York. The boutique offers an exquisite collection of doll clothes and accessories, designed to elevate any doll's style. Customers can enjoy a seamless shopping experience with a variety of payment options, including PayPal, Credit Card, and Cash.

Maintenance Bay 3.6
Maintenance Bay 3.6 offers 3D printed hardware and custom leatherwork for dolls gearing up for space adventures. With a product range including 3D printed weapons, doll-sized accessories, and custom leather holsters, they're ready to outfit any doll for the cosmos. Payment methods include PayPal, Venmo, Cash, and Barter (doll items only), ensuring a convenient shopping experience for all interstellar needs.

All My Plastic Children
All My Plastic Children, managed by Madline and Malachi, specializes in Smart Doll graphic T-shirts, brushed yarn tails, and accessories. They accept payments through Square, Paypal and cash.

Leisure Of Dolls
Leisure of Dolls, operated by Chris and Daniel, specializes in creating wigs for Smart Dolls. They offer an exclusive selection of Smart Doll wigs. Customers can make purchases using PayPal or Debit/Credit Card for a smooth transaction.

Mirai PNW
Mirai PNW, a collective of Pacific Northwest vendors (@puppy52, @doramukan04, @jarjar_jenn, @ardichan_smd), crafts a variety of items for Smart Dolls, including clothes, 3D printed accessories, props, and human-sized reusable shopping bags. They accept PayPal and Cash for payments.

Koumori Kimono's
Koumori Kimono's, led by Sarah, specializes in creating clothing and accessories for BJD dolls. Their offerings include kimonos, geta, hair accessories, kitsune masks, and 3D printed doll items. Accepted payment methods are Cash, PayPal, Venmo, and Credit Card.

Kathryn Naughton
MagicalGirlKitCat, run by Kat aka MGKC, is a Smart Doll Collector who has evolved into a Face-Up artist. At the Smart Doll Outpost, she will showcase her skills with live face-up demonstrations, engage in Q&A sessions, and discuss her process. Custom Smart Doll heads are available for purchase, and PayPal or Cash are accepted as payment methods.

Turquoise D Shop
Turquoise D Shop, based in Los Angeles, specializes in food props and accessories for BJD and Vinyl Dolls. They offer ⅓ scale food props and handmade resin eyes, with Square (credit/debit card), PayPal, and Cash as accepted payment methods.

My Lady Disdain
My Lady Disdain is both a YouTube channel and a community, as well as an apparel designer for Smart Doll owners. They offer human T-shirts for sale, with PayPal and Credit Card as accepted payment methods.

Each creator will be provided with 2 complimentary tickets. Any additional tickets required will need to be purchased by the creators themselves.

The Smart Doll Outpost represents our commitment to nurturing and celebrating the community that has flourished around our products. Should this initiative prove successful, we aim to expand the Outpost at future events, continuing to absorb the cost of table spaces as a form of support for Smart Doll creators.

Although table allocations for Seattle are already full, we intend to open applications for creators to secure a booth at upcoming Smart Doll Outposts.

I'm looking forward to making the Smart Doll Outpost a success with your participation and meeting you all at Anime Impulse!