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Over the years we have released many different Smart Doll kits ranging from Home Kit, Workshop Kit, Vinyl Kit, Samurai Kit, Final Boss Grade Kit, and so on. Today we talk about the simplest vinyl kit we have ever released and thus we call it "Simplicity." The limbs are pre-assembled so all you have to do is slot and click everything together.

Once you have assembled all the parts, you will notice that each vinyl part wobbles slightly - this is because the vinyl is essentially covering the frame and not latching onto it.

About the first batches of Simplicity

Simplicity does not come with the sports bra or Keep Calm Tote bag but does come with the telescopic stand. The first few batches of Simplicity are priced at a slightly lower price point but not enough difference to enable you to buy a Porsche.

At the time of launch, one does not simply buy Simplicity - you have to be in the right place at the right time to see a magical portal open - you then have to be brave enough to step through it.

The first few batches of Simplicity may be characters that are not out yet, that you have not even seen before, be in any of our skin tones including Interstellar Blue, be prototypes in a different color palette for the face design or come with prototype resin or acrylic eyes or wigs that are not default.

However, Simplicity may also be a character plucked from our current selection of available Smart Dolls but may come with different eyes or wigs - or they may come as their default self. You cannot choose which character you get.

Simplicity comes with the usual 1-year warranty (most doll makers that I know of only provide two weeks), but we do not entertain replacement requests such as "I already have this doll" or "This is not her default wig or eyes yo" or "I don't like blue" as we have already mentioned the obvious.

Before you start, make sure you are assembling the kit in good lighting conditions to reduce the risk of attaching something the wrong way.

Update - Simplicity How To - out of focus and went over 10 mins but not completely unbearable to watch - maybe. Contains all the info that you need to build the girl version of the kit.

And if you manage to get hold of the guy kit then this is the video to watch - a must-watch or you will break something.

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