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Hey there! My name is Danny Choo - I am the creator of Smart Doll and I would love to walk you through MIRAI STORE TOKYO - our flagship store where you can come and meet our Smart Doll girls and boys - and if you like them then you can take them home with you in exchange for some golden nuggets (Japanese yen). Always check this page for opening times before you come!

We will be closed until further notice to prevent our girls luring people to the store and getting sick on the way - and maybe leaving us sick too. Shipping continues as normal as we will be in the office.

MON - FRI 10:00 - 13:00 / 14:00 - 18:00 (Please avoid 13:00 - 14:00 which is when we feed the smart dolls)




Map/地図 > http://buff.ly/1kog4ue

Nearest station is Gotanda (五反田) on the JR line or Ikegami line. Use the link above for directions. If you got no Internets, save a map in your mobile by typing into your google maps app "OK MAPS" and it will cache a map of the area - as long as you got GPS you will find it.

Folks should not send anything to the above address as the security guards dispose of any item that we do not register as being expected.
Folks should not leave donuts on the doorstep (like folks have done before) or linger about expecting jobs to be handed to them (like folks have done before)

Questions go here.

This is the store sign - if you stand in front of it.... nothing will happen so walk to your left and enter the building - the entrance is a huge black metal door.

Folks from around the world visit Mirai Store - many of them don't speak Japanese - if they can find their way then so can you!

If a Smart Doll is available on our online store then it usually means that they are available in Mirai Store too *unless* that doll was just released in which case they usually become available in store 2 weeks after release - but ask staff anyway just incase the one you want is available. 

You are free to take photos and videos inside Mirai Store Tokyo and are under no obligation to buy anything. If you do share anything online, attaching the #smartdoll hashtag will mean that many folks will be able to see your cool photos.

Update - as of 2019/02/05 there is no more workshop until further notice - sorry!

At Mirai Store you can make your own Smart Doll in the Workshop where you can customize the wig, eyes and bust size - something that you cant do online. At the time of writing, the cost is 39500 Yen where you are given a kit - watch this video before you decide to do the workshop though. Not all Smart Dolls are available in the workshop but currently Mirai, Ebony, Ivory, Julia, Chitose, Starlight, Sana, Eiji and Crimson are available. Do note that because the workshop is performed in Japan, you are not eligible for tax exemption unless you take the kit back home (outside Japan) with you. 

Folks who participate in the workshop also get 10% off all apparel and accessories on that day. 

Everything available on our online store at shop.smartdoll.jp is usually available in Mirai Store too. When we have new goodies, Mirai Store will always sell them first.

One thing that Mirai Store has that the online store currently does not is an outlet corner where you can pick up something at a discounted price - usually because there was a loose stitch or slightly wonky label. Sometimes we put developmental items in the outlet too which didn't make it to production for some reason.

While we don't serve coffee (yet), we think we got more cup sizes than Starbucks - currently 36 at time of writing. All the accessories that you see online are also available at Mirai Store.

Cash, Visa, Master or a stash of jewels (like the ones in those in-app purchases).

If you are spending more than 10,000 JPY in the store then bring your passport. To qualify for Tax Exempt purchases, you must have a visitor stamp issued by Japan Immigration which covers your current visit - you usually get this stamp when you are visiting. You must bring your physical passport - we cant do anything with a copy or photo of it. The passport must belong to you and not of a friend or family member who is not in Japan - yep - I feel silly saying that but a guy came in one day with the passport of a family member who wasn't even in Japan who ended up screaming at us for not giving him tax free. 

Tax Exempt means that we do not charge you the 10% consumption tax but need evidence that you was a non resident or we get in double trouble. You can't get tax free for the workshop as that is carried out in Japan - unless you take the kit away with you.

Apart from all available Smart Dolls, on display are also prototypes of yet to be released Smart Dolls.

If you have seen photos of Mirai Store looking very different to these photos - its because I gave the shop a revamp in October 2017.

On display in Mirai Store are the Smart Doll Plus girls who stand at 120cm tall. They should be on sale by Q4 2018 or Q1 2019.

In the background of this photo is the Back Yard - it is where we do QC and pick/pack for shipping. Do not attempt to enter this area or the Smart Doll Plus will start to bite you.

If you would like a chat then just ask the staff if I'm available. Some folks bring gifts from around the world (thank you!) but please don't! If you really want to bring something for our staff members then maybe something edible like a pack of cookies or something from your neck of the woods.

Smart Doll is regularly featured in news worldwide - this was a CNN piece when they came to film at Mirai Store. You can see the clip on the CNN site from the 4:11 mark.
We close the store during filming so its important to check opening times at the top of this page before you come as it will be updated with the filming schedule.

Smart Doll is regularly featured on Japanese TV too - again I cant stress the importance of checking opening times before you come as we close until filming is complete.

Sometimes Mirai Store can get kinda crowded when we have Mega Outlets - these are typically held on a 2nd or 4th Sunday of the month and are usually announced on the Smart Doll Twitter account.

Anyway, if there is a queue, please line up in this direction as you can see in the photo and not the other way because the lady next door may start nagging at you.

If it gets too crowded in store we have to implement door stops where we have to let folks out before we let more folks in - fire regulations and wot not.

Folks who are ordering stuff online will have their shipments picked and packed during store opening times. The product detail page usually states something like "ships within 2 - 5 business days" - business days do not include public holidays.

Customer support also takes place when the store is open. While we endeavor to answer queries within 3 business days, we place priority in dealing with questions regarding current orders - questions like "can I have a free Smart Doll" get lower priority.

You can see a bit of the store in this video as well as a brief look at how we make Smart Doll.

Mirai Store Tokyo is located by the river in Gotanda - an office district in Tokyo. And because it's an office district, there are many restaurants to feed the office workers. You can find a ton of restaurants around Gotanda station - just avoid lunch time between 13:00 and 14:00 as everywhere is packed. 

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