Evolve Feedback Form

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2023/03/05 11:20 JST

Hey folks! Danny here.

Evolve is the new skeletal frame for Smart Doll - its concept is evolution – constantly being upgraded based on learnings from previous versions. While the product design is based on my own requirements, Smart Doll became a platform for not only myself, but also for other creators to enjoy.

While it was not possible with the previous frame, now that we have a frame that can evolve much faster than before, it now makes sense to create a medium for Smart Doll owners with the new frame to voice their opinions and be involved in the design process. Evolve is already shipping, and we have created an Evolve Feedback Form for folks to leave feedback.

To shape the future of Smart Doll evolution, we want to know what you like to help us consider features we want to keep, what you dislike to help improve the product, and what other features you would like us to consider. We value brutal feedback the most, as it helps us improve the product design.
Just to reiterate - we are not looking for just yays - we need the nays too ;-)

As a token of our appreciation, we will select some of the best feedback and send exclusive goodies only available through the feedback form.

Furthermore, we will reach out to folks who leave constructive actionable feedback and ask if they are willing to volunteer as beta testers to receive test prototypes for future products.

Each Smart Doll is handmade, which means that each one has their own unique look, sound, and feel. This individuality sets them apart from mass-produced products, allowing you to appreciate and enjoy their distinct personalities. Furthermore, because each Smart Doll is unique, you can leave feedback for each one you purchase as your experience will differ depending on the craftwo/man who made your Smart Doll.

Plus, the more times you leave feedback, the greater your chance of winning some exclusive goodies! And yes - it will be possible to win multiple times ;-)

The feedback form for Evolve will remain open for the entire development duration, allowing owners to provide their thoughts and suggestions for shaping the future of Smart Doll, regardless of their order date.

As people become more familiar with Evolve, it will become the standard for Smart Doll products, and as a result, we will eventually change the name of this feedback form to "Smart Doll Feedback Form."

The Evolve Feedback Form is available here using Google Forms.