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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2020/10/06 21:32 JST

This page explains why we can't sell Smart Doll apparel and accessories to folks who are buying to wear them on other doll brands.

Where possible, I try to communicate that Smart Doll apparel and accessories are designed and tailored to fit the contours of the Smart Doll body. It's important that we do not give the impression that our stuff fits any brand of similar sized dolls. Unfortunately, I have not been doing well in getting the message across.

For a long time, folks have been buying our apparel for the purpose of dressing other branded dolls. Most of these purchases end up with the buyer unhappy who tell us that the items are too tight/big/loose/leaves stains on their doll etc. We are also told that as a maker of doll apparel, we have an obligation to make our apparel fit as many brands of dolls as possible.

The result of this are returned items/refunds and in many cases payment disputes where the buyer states that items sold "are not as described."

Our apparel items are only made with Smart Doll in mind. Stain testing is done only on Smart Doll.

We could indeed increase profits by making our apparel items fit as many doll brands as possible - apparel would be another strong pillar of income for our company.

But this means that we would have to sacrifice our designs to make apparel looser, remove slits for the support socket, and also take into consideration that not all dolls can be easily dismembered/decapitated. Many of our tight-fitting apparel items would have to have a velcro opening on the back so that they can be worn easily without removing the head/arms etc.

But money is not the name of the game in Smart Doll Land and I don't want to sacrifice our designs to make extra cash.

For this reason, all product detail pages now state that our apparel & accessories are only for Smart Doll and will link to this page describing the reasons why and why we will cancel and refund orders that contain items bought for other doll brands. Even if the buyer agrees that they understand this - we still need to cancel and refund. The reason is that buyers who have stated they were OK with the terms before buying - ended up opening "not as described" payment disputes.

Over the past week, I've had to cancel and refund newbie orders where the buyer stated they were buying for other doll brands - but I can't sell the items knowing that they won't fit - and I don't want to sell due to the high risk of more payment disputes which builds up bad rep on PayPal - we are beginning to sound like fraudsters scamming folks to buy apparel items that won't fit their other branded dolls - even though we state that they won't fit!

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