Designed For Smart Doll (ONLY) ;-)

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2020/10/06 21:32 JST

This page elucidates our policy regarding the sale of Smart Doll apparel and accessories.

Our Smart Doll apparel is specifically tailored for the unique proportions and aesthetics of the Smart Doll. Each piece is crafted with precision and care to ensure the best fit and experience for Smart Doll owners.

While we do restock our items, the production process and our commitment to quality means that there can be constraints on how many of each item we produce at any given time. Because of this, our hope and preference are that the apparel primarily finds its way to Smart Doll owners.

Historically, we've encountered misunderstandings despite efforts to clarify that our designs are exclusively for the Smart Doll's unique body contours. Many customers have acquired our items hoping they might fit other doll brands. This mismatch has led to dissatisfaction, returns, and claims that our items "aren't as described."

Some believe that as doll apparel creators, we should aim for universal fit. While adapting our designs could potentially boost profits, it would require compromising integral features of our Smart Doll identity, such as tight fits, special slits for support sockets, and the unique ability to disassemble our dolls for easier dressing. For us, diluting our unique design ethos for wider market appeal isn't an option.

We understand and respect that some individuals might want to acquire our apparel for other dolls. However, given our production considerations and the specific design intent, we encourage their use primarily with Smart Dolls.

To further clarify and avoid misunderstandings, product detail pages now clearly highlight that our apparel is designed specifically for Smart Dolls. Despite acknowledgment from buyers about potential fit issues on other doll brands, we maintain a firm policy to cancel and refund such orders. This decision stems from previous encounters with well-intentioned customers who subsequently raised disputes.

We remain dedicated to serving our community and Smart Doll enthusiasts with the utmost care and quality.

We cherish your understanding and support as we navigate these challenges.

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