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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2020/06/13 18:49 JST

Hey there! Danny Choo here - creator of Smart Doll.
I understand that Smart Doll is a hefty investment which is why it's important for us to properly set expectations. It is in our interests that a potential customer ends up with a product where the quality and philosophy matches their needs even if that means they end up shopping elsewhere. You can save money by learning about the product from reading this document - "save" as in deciding not to buy after reading it ;-)

Some folks understandably expect perfect machine-made products that all look the same - unfortunately, because our Terminator models (robots that can make stuff look exactly the same) were all sent to the past and then destroyed by some "John Connor" - we continue to ask our talented team of humans to handcraft each and every Smart Doll. Thus each and every Smart Doll is blemished and imperfect - just like the humans that made them.

This page is linked to a popup that appears when folks proceed to checkout - they cannot proceed unless they read and understand the terms and product specifications. This is here to protect the consumer so please make sure you read before making a purchase for yourself or your family ;-)

This document is not a disclaimer - it is here to set expectations so you don't end up with something that didn't meet expectations. We don't want our Smart Dolls to end up as expensive door stops ;-)


This page can be summarized in 2 points but I urge you to read the whole page ;-)

  1. Smart Doll and its apparel and accessories are all handcrafted by humans. As such, buyers should expect asymmetry, imperfect, random, non-uniform, blemished products that one would expect from being handcrafted. This is not excuse for bad quality - on the contrary, even more effort is required to employ the design principle known as Wabi-Sabi. Wabi-Sabi is a Japanese design aesthetic principle that states perfection can only be achieved with a correlate amount of imperfection. Folks who seek perfect products will be disappointed with Smart Doll.
  2. The quality of our products is what we want to be known for which is why we believe that to be truly customer-centric you need to be unconventional and build your business around employees - not customers. Focusing on employee welfare and the working environment contributes to their creativity in producing a high-quality product and service which is what we want for ourselves and what our customers seek.
    Customers are not treated like gods - instead we treat them as friends. This can be a deal-breaker for some consumers who prefer the "Customer is always right" treatment.
    If we put customer needs before employees then we would have to sacrifice quality of not only the product - but also of our working conditions to lower costs to meet the demands of customers - this is something we are not willing to do.
  1. About the body PARTS
    The Smart Doll body is cast in Katsushika Tokyo using a traditional method known as Slush Casting. Molds are made using a process called Electroforming which is mainly down to mother nature who controls the speed and thickness of how copper deposits form the mold walls. The following is a list of the types of blemishes that one should expect regarding the body.
    1. The body is designed to be asymmetrical to avoid the uncanny valley feel - the face, arms, legs, torso and bust are all asymmetrical. This is because the mold for the body parts do not electroform evenly - length and thickness is decided by mother nature.
    2. Body parts may have bumps and indents - this is because the molds developed bumps during the Electroforming process - these bumps or indents are then reflected on the body part when they are cast.
    3. Body parts may have blemishes such as birthmarks or stretch marks on the surface which are developed through the cast being pulled from the mold.
    4. Body parts will wiggle when you...wiggle them. This is because vinyl covers the internal frame instead of latching on to it.
      1. To be specific, the shins, thighs, bust, upper arm, lower arm will all wiggle if you feel that you need to...wiggle them. The hands have some wiggle room so that you can remove them. Only the feet are a tight fit around the frame.
    5. Body parts have non-uniform thicknesses - one arm or shin may wiggle more than the other or not at all. This is due to the fact that we have humans casting the parts instead of robots. Parts that end up too thin or thick however get rejected and go into the outlet section.
    6. The head cap will not be a perfect size match for the head as we make one size to fit all. Some head caps may bulge slightly and some may be a loose fit but will not affect the functionality of the Smart Doll as they are designed to have wigs covering the head. Folks who want a bald doll should wait for the ones with parting lines at the back of the head instead of on the top.
    7. All parts will not be a 100% exact color match and can vary slightly from batch to batch.
    8. The body may start to discolor depending on environmental factors of where it is kept such as humidity and odors.
    9. The inside of the vinyl parts may have solidified drips hence the name "slush casting."
    10. Some body parts won't have an even matte surface and may appear shiny. This is because when we sandblast the molds to create a matte effect, sand does not reach all parts of the mold.
    11. Body parts are made of soft vinyl which will smell like...soft vinyl. Some folks like the smell but some have mentioned that they dislike it. If you are sensitive to smells then you should not buy a Smart Doll.
    Smart Doll houses an internal frame which is also made by humans. While we do torque tests to make sure they can withstand a certain weight, torque for joints will not be uniform across Smart Dolls.
    1. Smart Doll joints are on the stiff side - this is so that they can stand on their own two feet and also hold objects.
    2. Smart Doll's will be able to hold a steady pose as the spine design is similar to a human - but they dislike being shaken. The spine will seem wobbly if a Smart Doll is shaken in which case their head will start to do 360 degree spins which you can't unsee.
    3. The frame color will not be a 100% exact color match with the vinyl nor will it be uniform on the same frame.
    4. The joint's have been designed in a way that makes the axis lines on the joints difficult to see - this is great aesthetic wise but if you are not careful and try to bend a joint along an axis that does not exist then it will break.
    5. If you bend the elbows of a Smart Doll backwards (even ever so slightly) then they will break - either the lower arm will become deformed or the upper arm will crack or the joint will split apart. But because a Smart Doll scream is only audible in the 65000 Hz range, humans can't hear them and won’t have an audible clue that the Smart Doll is in pain. Thus you need to take note on how to bend the arms properly or look at your dog to see if they are showing signs of discomfort as most dogs can hear the screams.
    6. Many Smart Doll apparel items require the removal of the head, arms and bust - some folks are worried that Smart Doll's will feel pain. Smart Doll's are fine in being decapitated - as long as you don't bend their arms backwards.
    7. The frame may squeak due to the stiffness. If you are hearing a screeching sound then apply some grease (or vaseline) to the affected area.  
    8. You may see some grease around the joints or on the body shell when your Smart Doll arrives. This is because all joints are lubricated with grease and may seep out - wipe with a tissue.
    1. Each Smart Doll face is painted using an airbrush by a human who manually mixes the paint. There may be slight color differences of the paint and the thickness of the blushes may vary slightly too. The face design is asymmetrical just like a human - eye lines and shadow, mouth lines are different on both halves of the face. This is by design and not by error.
    2. Eyes are held inside the head with blu-tac which enables the owner to easily swap out the eyes. Some consumers prefer the eyes to be welded in the head using a glue gun but we would loose the ability to precision adjust the direction of the eyes.
    3. As the face is painted, some parts may appear to be shiny from light bouncing off the paint surface.
    The wig is the most difficult component to make as it does not have a shape - only a style. While apparel and Smart Doll uses molds or cutters, wigs are made by weighing the fibers which are then stitched to a weft which is then stitched to the head cap. The wigs then have to be steamed and trimmed - all of these processes are done by a human. As such, even if you buy the same style of the same wig, expect them both to look similar but not exactly the same.
    1. There is an estimated 30,000 strands of fiber on each wig - some may shed upon opening the wig bag and during its lifetime.
    2. Wigs are rolled up in a bag after it has been prepared. Even though a wig may appear to be straight in a photo or named "Long Straight" - the whole wig may have a slight curl to it as it was stored in a bag rolled up.
    3. Wigs may look "flat" straight out of the bag but will start to puff up over time as its exposed to the air. One can speed up the puffiness by pushing down on the top of the wig when it's on the head.
    4. While the Welcome Guide shows you how to put on the wig, they are still very difficult to put on. This is by design as I didn't like the wigs blowing away in the wind when out and about. If you have arthritis then please leave a note when ordering asking us to put the wig on for you. We will use double sided tape on the head cap to keep the wig in place. We recommend that you request the same if you do not feel you would be able to put the wig on for a child.
    5. Some of the wigs have elastic around the edges that helps reduce the risk of the wigs blowing away in the wind and frightening a passerby. However, if the elastic interferes with the wig design then we omit the elastic. 
    6. The inside of the wig cap is notably stitched by a human and you will be able to see swirly stitching on the inside. There may be pink or blue marks on the inside which has been used as a marker so that the craftswoman knows where to stitch.
    7. The ends of the threads inside and beneath the wig are not cut and if you tug at them then the thread may fray and some hair may fall out.
    8. Wigs are designed to be worn on the head of the Smart Doll but some folks have wanted to pull the hair up to reveal the wefting on the inside - this is not how the wig is supposed to be used.
    9. The wig cap may have bumps on it - this is because the wig cap is made of fabric which is overlapped before they are stitched together.
    10. Some wigs that have a parting design have silicone to reinforce the parting area. However, the plasticizer in the silicone may seep out over time and stain the head and/or cap.
    11. As wigs are designed to be a snug fit, they may leave dents in the head of the vinyl - not a problem if you are going to have the wig on but if you want her bald from time to time then you may be bothered - but then again, the huge parting line between the head and head cap may bother you more.
    12. Wigs such as Twist Out are created from Australian yarn. The yarn is dyed and if left in contact with vinyl (such as the shoulder) then it may leave a stain.
    13. Wigs are ultimately a wear and tear component and they may get tatty and frizzly as they are regularly touched. Anti-static sprays or some water from time to time sprayed onto the wig will help maintain its form. Remember to comb from the ends and not halfway as the ends will get tangled. A search on Amazon for “Downey Wrinkle Releaser” will bring up a product that you can use to keep the wig at bay - in Japan we use something called Eleguard which is an anti-static spray (hey that rhymes!)
    14. While we choose light color fabrics for the wig cap, wigs in particular have a chance of causing discoloration to the top of the head due to the fact that the cap is wrapped around the head.
    15. Some wigs are thin on top by design which means some of the wefting may show through on the top. This can be remedied by using your fingers to distribute the fibers but even still some wefting may show through.
    16. Wig fibers will not be evenly balanced - the right, left, back or front of the wig may have more fibers that opposite sides.
    17. As wig fibers are sewn onto a wig cap, depending on the design the wig cap may be visible. Most of the time you will be able to hide the cap by pinching with your fingernails at the area where the wig cap is visible - but we can't guarantee that you will be able to completely hide the wig cap.
    18. Some wigs are washed with fabric softener which will leave a smell of...fabric softener. Folks who are sensitive to smells should not buy a Smart Doll.
  5. About Discoloration and STAINING
    1. Smart Doll is made of synthetic polymers which are commonly known as “plastics.” Just like all polymers that range from natural ones such as DNA, hair and proteins - through to wo/man made ones such as polyester and polypropylene - polymer degradation will occur under environmental factors such as heat, UV light, moisture etc.
    2. Polymer degradation is a change in the properties of the polymer such as color, shape and tensile strength. For example, just like human skin, plastic properties can change under prolonged exposure to UV light.
    3. Mileage will vary and there are no definitive rules as to how much discoloration or warping you may or may not encounter in your lifetime with a Smart Doll. I know some customers who live in humid environments that have encountered a yellowing of the Smart Doll body while others in the exact same regions have not - not even after six years since we launched the product.
    4. Fabrics that come in contact with the Smart Doll body could potentially cause discoloration due to the close proximity to the skin surface - even for white fabrics. Fabrics may accumulate moisture or odors in the atmosphere that could speed up polymer degradation. I know of a customer who left a white t-shirt on their Smart Doll for 6 months which left what appears to be discoloration of the skin surface. Even shoes that have white or cream-colored lining has been known to leave what seems to be either a residue of dirt that has seeped into the skin surface or dark discoloration.
    5. Warranty does not cover any staining or discoloration that may or may not occur to the body.
    6. Smart Doll apparel has a stain risk rating on the product detail page - use that as a reference when deciding what to buy.
    7. Leather products are not designed to be worn with direct contact of the skin surface as they will leave a stain that cannot be removed.
    1. Smart Doll is not designed to be indestructible. Just like you, Smart Doll will age through time - and just like you, parts can form cracks in areas such as the neck hole, knees, shoulders etc. This is dependent on non-specific environmental factors (temperature, humidity) and owner use. Wear and tear is not covered by warranty and is not a manufacturing defect. However please do contact support if you notice something.
  7. About Apparel
    1. The weathered apparel line of Smart Doll is a statement that we should dress in what we feel comfortable with instead of dressing to impress. We use many weathering techniques on our apparel to make them look weathered and used. Surfaces will be non-uniform and will contain blemishes such as loose threads, holes or scratches. Shoes that are weathered will not be symmetrical or weathered in exact the same fashion.
    2. As our apparel is designed to be worn and not displayed, apparel items may stretch and remain stretched when removed.
    3. We could make a few extra bucks by making loose-fitting apparel to fit many doll brands but we don't want to sacrifice the aesthetics of our wear. Our apparel items are only designed to fit Smart Doll.
  8. About the product detail page
    The product detail page will contain any product specific descriptions which a buyer has to read and understand before making a purchase.
    1. The quality of our products is what we want to be known for so to achieve this we need to be customer centric. However, to be truly customer centric we need to be unconventional and build our business around employees - not customers.

      Focusing on employee welfare and the working environment contributes to creativity in producing a high-quality product and service which is what we want for ourselves and what our customers seek.

      For this reason we do not follow certain retail "rules" of treating the customer like god (as taught in Japan) nor do we practice "the customer is always right" - as taught in the West. As you know, consumers want things yesterday at prices that they deem "reasonable" but to achieve this we would need to force staff members to work longer hours for less wages, reduce quality of workmanship (throw it together), use cheaper materials and force vendors to lower unit costs. We could just adopt the tried and tested fast fashion model - but I'm unwilling to do any of this for these reasons.
    2. Customers are not treated like gods - instead we treat them as friends. This can be a deal breaker for some consumers who prefer the "Customer is always right" treatment.
    3. The price point of our products reflects what we need to pay to maintain the quality of not only the products but optimal working conditions too. If we put customer needs of wanting a Smart Doll for "at most" 100 USD (yep I get those mails on a regular basis mixed in with the "give me a free Smart Doll" mails) then we would have to sacrifice workmanship by cutting corners, use cheaper materials and pay our employees less - all of which I am not willing to do. Folks who are considering Smart Doll should be aware of the investment they are making. However, folks who buy a Smart Doll do not need to stick with our apparel - they can make their own with the free apparel patterns that we distribute or chose from the many talented artists out there who make Smart Doll apparel.
    4. We speak out on inclusion and racial equality which is clearly reflected in our product lineup. Some consumers prefer that the brands they buy keep silent on such matters.
    5. If a customer asks for a discount, we will presume that they feel the quality is inadequate for what they are paying so we will make recommendations of other fashion doll brands which will hopefully cater for their requirements.
    6. Unfortunately, we have acquired customers who demand that we make products readily available for purchase for an unlimited amount of time. The wording they use is "we have the right to buy what we want when we want." This can be easily achieved by not only reducing the quality but by also forcing our staff members to work longer hours - which I'm not willing to do. This is not a matter of trying to save a few quid on wages for the extra work hours - it's a matter of making sure that my team get enough of their own time to do their own thing.

      As an employee working the corporate life many moons ago, I know what it was like working 5 days a week and having only two days off on the weekends. Now, as an employer, since we launched Smart Doll, I have never once asked members of staff to stay behind to work late and will never do - even if consumers demand so and even if it means that we could have got stuff out the door to sell more. Folks who require constant availability of all products need to seek other brands to avoid disappointment.
    7. Some customers have been disappointed that we improve upon the spec of the product without warning. We have been told that customers would have held off buying if they had known that such improvements were to be made but it's not possible to announce all possible outcomes of product advancement until we get hold of the Many Worlds Interpretation formula. 

      Since launch in 2014, we have added torque stress absorption structures to the internal frame of Smart, released an improved cocoa skin tone, added new weathering techniques for our apparel etc - all of which we could not have done without building upon ideas of the previous version. Even if asked whether we would make or change blah and initially answered "no" - we have the right to change our minds and proceed with those changes based on resources and technology available at the time.

      We can't offer free upgrades or replacements of components that we have improved upon or changed over the course of time. We understand that some folks who bought a Smart Doll in 2014 would like to have a free or partially paid upgrade to the latest model - but we have not quite figured out a way to do this that makes sense.

      We don't want to leave customers feeling out of pocket disappointed in buying something only to find out that the spec was improved upon in the future - if this is the case then we recommend to wait until we have a better understanding of quantum mechanics and get hold of that Many Worlds formula ;-)
  10. About Shipping & Payments
    1. Nope - we cannot lower the declared cost of the product. If you ask then we will have to confirm whether it is still OK to proceed to ship - if not we will cancel and refund the order. 
    2. The customer understands that they may need to pay custom tariffs or postal handling fees in their country. At the moment 90% of our customers are from the US and at this moment in time (2020/06/14), residents in the US are not required to pay custom fees on our products.
    3. We have no control of external forces that may affect shipping time - the speed of the planes or some virus going around the planet is completely out of our control.
    4. Folks who require their order to arrive before a particular date (for birthday or holiday) should order with ample time. We do not guarantee delivery dates as there are too many external forces outside of our control. Folks who request a delivery date will be contacted by us asking whether we should cancel (because we can't promise exact delivery dates) or proceed to cancel and refund.
    5. If a customer asks us where their stuff is within the shipping-out time, we will have to presume that they need their stuff assembled and shipped out quicker than we can commit to. We put their order on hold and send it to the back of the queue while we reconfirm that the shipping time we asked for is still acceptable or not. If not acceptable, we cancel and refund the full amount paid. If acceptable, we continue to ship but the package remains at the back of the queue, resulting in an extra few days added to the shipping-out time.

    6. Folks who are paying by credit card may see something like "auth" in their online statement - this is an authorization and not a deduction. We are not in the business of charging folks twice for the same item.
    7. The shipping address has to belong to the same person paying for the item. For example you reside in Los Angeles but want to buy something and send to a person in London. No exceptions - not even for presents - you will have to have the package shipped to you and you will have to forward it. This is because of fraudulent orders in the past.
    8. If you are ordering a few number of dolls and accessories at the same time, we may need to send out your items in multiple boxes. The largest box we have only fits 2 dolls so note that your packages may not always arrive at the same time - they could arrive a few days apart even though we sent them out at the same time.
    9. In some cases your shipments may be sent out on different days depending on availability.
    10. We choose whether your package is shipped out by DHL or FedEx - the customer cannot at this moment in time choose. Read more about shipping during the pandemic.
    11. Regions that are eligible for free shipping is listed on this page. The hurdle for free shipping varies according to the region you live in. 
    12. If for any reason we need to refund you for shipping or the whole order, the refunded amount will be based on the exchange rate at the time of refund. We do not make this rule - please contact your credit card company/paypal if you are unhappy that we live in a world that is governed by exchange rates.
    13. Where possible, we endeavor to merge multiple orders and refund any excess shipping fees. We are not in the business of profiting from shipping fees - in fact, we still pay much more shipping fees to ship by DHL or FedEx.
      However, once an order has been packed and placed in the staging area ready for a pickup, we will not recall the package to combine multiple orders anymore. Learn more about combining orders.
    1. Sometimes a customer will insist that a product is faulty even though we tried our best to warn them of the product specifications before they buy. For example, a customer tells us that "all wigs must look exactly the same" or "the left and right shoe is not weathered evenly" and asks for a replacement. But because we do not make evenly weathered shoes or wigs exactly the same or head caps which are not a perfect fit, the only alternative is to offer a full refund upon the product being returned to us. We cannot accept money for a product that a customer is unhappy with and thus we must issue a refund upon receipt of the returned product. Do note that "full refund" means what you paid minus any shipping that we paid to ship the item to you. Even though you qualified for free shipping - it does not mean that DHL shipped the item for free - we paid for the shipping ;-)
    2. If you feel your life is at risk due to your partner (or parent) finding out that you just spent 500 USD during a pandemic on a doll and need to cancel - contact us by replying to the order confirmation email ASAP. If you cancel before we ship then we refund you in full. It may take PayPal or your credit card company a while to return the money to you but rest assured - we don’t want your money if we don’t exchange anything for it.
    3. If your parcel has already been sent out then just reject the parcel when it arrives - your postal folks will return it to us. When we receive the parcel and find that the contents are unharmed then we will refund you minus any postage that we paid to send it to you. Your order may have qualified for free shipping but that only means that we paid for the shipping. We need to deduct this cost from the amount we refund you as it was not our fault that you changed your mind (or your partner changed your mind for you).
      Even if items are returned unopened - we cannot resell them due to bad karma. Instead we use the items for development or displays in Mirai Store.
    4. If you ordered something and decide within 14 days that you don’t like it then contact us - we will provide you with our shipping address. You pay for the cost to return the goods. When the goods arrive back at HQ, we inspect the goods to see if they are in the same condition as it was when we sent it - in which case we refund you minus any shipping we paid to send the package to you. During the 2020 pandemic we will have to send DHL to pick up the package from you in which case you pay for shipping both ways.
      If the product *is not* in the same condition (covered in dog fur, smells of tobacco etc) then we will refund you partially which can be anything up to 50% off what you paid for the products depending on the damage.
    1. Each and every Smart Doll is handmade in our Tokyo studio where they go through rigorous testing before shipping. We take photos (they look like mugshots) of each Smart Doll we ship - a closeup of the face and the whole body.
      Smart Doll was designed to be sturdy and won't break in normal conditions. Just like humans however, limbs can break when bent the wrong way or too far. If this happens then contact us with a description and photo of the injury. Please enter the email that you used when purchasing the product and state the order number - if you do not use the same email that you used when ordering, we can't track your order and the whole process will just take longer.
    2. Sometimes you can remedy the injury yourself in which case we will guide you. If you can't then we will give you instructions on how to order free replacement parts. You pay for shipping though.
      You do not need to use the "blah arrived broken!" because warranty covers accidentals too - you break it - we replace it. We know the item is not broke when we pack them because we take photos of each and every Smart Doll before their journey. If something really did arrive broke then we will have to launch an investigation with all parties involved in the handling of your package which will delay any replacements issued.
    Our warranty lasts for 1 year or up to two injuries within the first year - in these cases we provide the replacements parts for free but you pay for shipping. On the third injury however, you need to start paying for healthcare. This also means that if you only manage to break something after one year then the warranty is not applicable. Terms are as follows.
    1. Any single arm injury will cost 10,000 JPY for replacements.
    2. Any single leg (shin and feet) injuries will cost 10,000 JPY for replacements.
    3. Any injuries which require a whole torso to be sent to you will cost 25,000 JPY for a replacement.
      Shins are attached to the thigh which in turn are attached to the torso. If you break a shin which leaves a part of it stuck in the thigh then you need a torso replacement *and* the shin replacement too. If you break the shin but manage to pull out the remaining part of the shin from the thigh then all you need is a shin replacement.
    4. Warranty is not transferable among Smart Dolls which means if you bought Mirai in 2018 and then bought Kizuna in 2020, if you broke something on Mirai then you can't use Kizuna's warranty to cover Mirai - well you can try but as the internal frame is constantly redesigned you may end up getting sent a part that you can't use so its best to be honest with us ;-)
    5. Warranty is not transferable among friends - even best friends! If your friend bought Mirai in 2018 and broke something, you can't use the warranty on your doll that you purchased recently to cover for them for the same reason as above.
    6. For replacements however, we prefer not to charge you just for the part and want you to have some goodies at the same time. For this reason we ask that you purchase anything you like to the amount mentioned in the list above and we give you the replacement for free. You still pay for shipping though unless you order enough to qualify for free shipping.
    7. Some folks are confused with term 12.6 above - we are not getting you to buy stuff for replacement parts! Folks who feel uncomfortable in buying stuff just to get a free replacement can simply just pay for the part.
    8. Do note this warranty only covers limbs and torso but not the bust or head as they do not contain moving parts.
    9. This warranty does not covered any parts stolen by other people or lost by yourself.
    10. This warranty also covers Smart Dolls purchased from our official retailers but not any purchased from resellers. A reseller is a person who purchased the product for the sole purpose of reselling it. Somebody who bought a Smart Doll, opened it and sold it is not considered a reseller. Resellers never open a product as this would reduce the value. If you bought from a reseller because you was desperate for the item and broke something - the only way we can help you out is if you help us out. If you are willing to grass on who sold it to you then we will help you because you helped us hunt down another reseller ;-)
    11. Warranty does not cover the telescopic stand, bag or any paper based material that comes with the doll - nor does warranty cover the box that the product is shipped in.
    12. Warranty does not cover discoloration due to environmental factors or staining caused by any apparel items (including ours) that may leave stains on the body - the use of stain prevention innerwear is encouraged.
    13. Many of our apparel items embrace the Wabi-Sabi look and feel which are designed to have loose threads, holes and warn surfaces. However, something like a white shirt is not part of the Wabi-Sabi collection and should not have torn surfaces. If you find a problematic item then contact us with a photo of the Quality Control Ninja sticker on the apparel package. These stickers are not to point fingers - they ensure we remain accountable and enable us to improve any problems in our QC workflow that may exist.
    14. If in the unlikely event that your package goes missing during transit, we will ask the courier service to open an investigation to locate the missing package. If they can't find it then they will usually compensate us for the amount of the package in which case we will refund the customer for the amount that was compensated by the courier which may not be the full amount.
      1. If the Courier service does not claim responsibility due to acts of nature then we loose the contents of the package and the customer looses what they paid. The value of what the customer paid is not considered more valuable than the goods that were shipped. We shall not refund the customer the full amount that they paid for a package that went missing that was not due to our fault.
      2. Since 2004 June when we launched and after shipping tens of thousands of packages worldwide, only 2 packages went missing. Shipping was by EMS where packages are handled by multiple parties. Now we only ship by courier service.
    15. If in the very unlikely situation where the contents of the package arrive broken, we will ask DHL or FedEx to pick up the package and return it to us. We will then refund the customer for the products but not the shipping fee that we paid to send the package to the customer.
      1. Smart Doll comes with a warranty that covers accidentals so folks don't need to use the "it broke out of the box!" excuse - you break it - we replace it - see 12.2 above.

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