Your Most Important Asset

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Today I wanted to leave a quick note about…the power of your mind (lol). Well I’ve always been meaning to make time to write again and will save the bulk of what I want to say in that post but for today just a quick summary.

Your most important asset

I don’t presume that I will live until any particular age. I think the mistake that many humans make is that they will live until old age and live off their pension. The fact is that we see people dying all the time on the news and at one point in time, the people that died on the news were watching the news previously of other people dying and probably didn’t even think much about it.
Here are some examples of what I’ve seen on the news that stuck in my mind. A group of students minding their own business on the street when all of a sudden a car plunges into them killing them all.
A car driving beside a tanker when all of a sudden the tank falls off and crushes the car - killing the driver. We can die absolutely anytime. 

Time is an asset that we are all given at birth and is the most valuable thing that we own - but we don’t know exactly how much of it we have. Money is not the most valuable asset we own and is a concept that humans created when bartering stopped working.
“I’ll swap this apple that I grew in my field for that sandal you made from that cow” - this concept stops working when more than the usual amount of insects eats the crop or when a drought affects the amount of cows that are available to make into shoes (for example). Now the apple seller wants 2 sandals for his 1 apple but the sandal maker wants 6 apples for his one sandal. For reasons like this we invented money - “I’ll pay 2 shells for that apple.”

But time has been with us since the beginning and as long as you are on Earth it does not speed up or slow down (time kinda changes speed when you get to higher altitudes - search “Einstein Time” if you are interested). Well it does kinda speed up as you get older but I will leave that for another post - I’m still trying to calculate a formula.

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Why you don’t need to worry anymore and what happens if you do

In short, your most precious asset is way too precious to spend it worrying or stressed out - its not worth it and I’ll tell you what happens if you do decide that being stressed comforts you.

The power of the mind is incredible - once you focus very hard on something, you will be able to visualize it and make it come true. Whatever you spend your time thinking about, you will attract it.
I have spinal hernia - when reading through my diary I realized that whenever I went through a bleak period and became depressed and stressed, my hernia would cause me the most utmost pain ever ever with absolutely nowhere to run. I discovered research showing that stress caused inflammations in the body and I related my bouts of stress to the pain I was having - now I can’t afford to be stressed as it will mean weeks not being able to walk again like before.
I’m not saying that I’ve become immune to stress - I get bombarded with production headaches every hour of the day - I just turn that frustration into energy which I use to fix the problem instead of letting it weigh me down.

Most humans have two minds - an unconscious and conscious. Your unconscious mind will automatically motivate you to go get food, go for a poo and run away from danger.
The “Run away from danger” part is what makes you worry. Humans have evolved to imagine scenarios that have kept us alive. For example, if we heard a rustle in the bush - we create the scenario “it could be a hungry tiger - I’m outta here.” Without this worry factor built into our unconsciousness, we would have stuck around when we heard that rustle - and we probably got eaten maybe 5 out of 10 times. The humans that developed the worry factor got-the-hell-outta-there when they heard that rustle which contributed to us being alive today.

This worry factor was great in the past when danger lurked left right and center but not so much in todays society. In fact the most dangerous thing is ourselves if we choose to stick to our biological programming. Worrying can be comforting - it almost makes you feel like you are doing something about what is causing you to be stressed due to the scenarios you are creating in your mind - but in fact all you are doing is making it worse and strengthening the neural pathways that are already in place in your brain. The more you strengthen those neural pathways, the better you will get at worrying and the less likely you are to take action to get yourself out of that rut.

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How you can rewire your biological self

I’m learning to juggle right now. At the beginning it was very difficult - my hand just did not want to let go of the ball at the appropriate time because my unconscious mind was holding on to it - it was automatically saying “well if I let go I could drop it!”
I tried to tell myself “well its just a ball and not a grenade - its OK to drop it” but it still didn’t work. I felt great discomfort trying to let go of the ball while my unconscious mind was trying to hold on to it. It was if my hand had a mind of its own.
But the discomfort, failure and practice immediately starts to grow new neural pathways to make it easier and eventually I was able to start juggling - I’m not great at it but at least I can kinda juggle and let go of the ball at the appropriate time.

The brain is only 2% of your body mass but uses up 20% of your energy - it is wired to conserve energy - if it wasn’t then you would be using up too much energy and would have to constantly be eating like the American Pygmy Shrew. This is why neural pathways are created to help you do things easier and use up less energy. YOU can physically change your brain to get what you want - just like the way you can use your brain to cause inflammations in your body making you physically sick.

Do you remember what it was like to learn to ride a bicycle? I only learned when I got to Japan in my early 30’s. I was wobbling all over the place and panicked when a car was driving by. Do I turn the handle left or right when a car drove past me?  As I got more practice in, I felt less tired because new neural pathways were created and my conscious brain was using less energy as I didn’t have to think about how to ride a bike - my unconscious mind took over.

When you get into the habit of not worrying and focusing on what you want, nothing - absolutely nothing can stop you. I can tell you from experience that you will fall flat on your face many times but it will be a learning that is needed to rewire yourself and to get you to where you want in life.

What are you going to use the power of your mind for?