Smart Doll Apparel Patterns & 3D Data

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2019/02/11 14:56 JST

Sharing is caring. So I've released a bunch of apparel patterns and 3D data for you to go and learn n earn.


It only makes sense to give you the exact same patterns that we use for our own apparel - we do this because we want you to make stuff that makes our Smart Dolls live up to their name. These patterns are only designed for Smart Doll - we are selfish and don't want to sacrifice the looks by making loose-fitting apparel to allow them to be worn by a zillion doll brands.


You are free to use and modify our patterns for your own projects at school or home which includes selling anything you make - I shall take no fees whatsoever - what you make is yours as long as you use the patterns to make Smart Doll apparel. Once you have made something, take a photo of it and post it to the page where you downloaded the pattern by clicking the "Add your photo" link near the bottom of the page.


After downloading the PDF files make sure to set your printer to print them at 100% scale - your printer settings may not do this by default which will leave you with a small pattern. To make sure, I have included a ruler on the pattern - you need to put your ruler against it and if it's the same size then you are good to go.

Our patterns are made for cotton. Do remember that you may need to grade (change size) of the patterns depending on the material you use and whether you are going to give them a used look by washing them. If you do wash material it tends to shrink so learn about material shrinkage rates by asking Google Sensei.


Go forth and make cool stuff for your Smart Doll! Maybe use the patterns as a project for school. Feel free to modify them too. If your designs are inline with our apparel concept then you may find that I stalk you and one day ask if you are free to do work for us like Puppy52Tobias Malfoy and Maruko Halu.


Many moons ago I started to self study 3D Max in my own time when I was working at Amazon - the knowledge I gained eventually helped me in the production of Smart Doll 10 years later - without that knowledge there might have been no Smart Doll.

You are free to use and modify the data for your own projects at school or home which includes selling anything you make - I shall take no fees whatsoever - what you make is yours as long as you use the data to make Smart Doll stuff. When you feel your work is ready to share with the world on social media, please use the #smartdoll tag so that I can promote your work - and maybe stalk you.


Data is in STL format and in what we call "Product Size" - this means that it is the same size as the actual product. If you print it then you can use the model after removing the support structures.
If you are going to duplicate the 3D print in a silicone mold then you need to do you own size calculations depending on whether you are going to make 1 master mold or several production molds and the type of material you are going to use. Folks who work in production will know that shrinkage rates need to be calculated so that the final product does not end up too small after being duplicated.

We don't provide OBJ data right now as STL is more convenient for us to share and for newbies to just take the file and print. However, seasoned modelers will know how to ask Google Sensei on how to convert the files to a format of their choice.


Data is provided as is for free and we take no responsibility through any events occurred through use of the data. For example if you tried to print a life jacket or parachute in the shape of the boobs and only found out afterwards in hospital that it wasn't such a good idea after all.


I encourage everybody to have side projects where one will not only learn many new crafting skills but also everything that goes into making a product - selling online, payments, inventory management, shipping & tracking, customer support etc. 
Many side projects in my career have contributed to what life is now - learning Japanese, learning programming and 3D graphics, making websites and so on. We can all make time for this even though we are schooling or working.

The skills and experience you gain through side projects will also open up more opportunities in life and maybe even prepare you for when life does not go as planned.


If you are going to sell stuff online or start a business - there is something I strongly recommend. There is a saying in Japan - "The customer is god" - but whatever you do - never treat customers like god - treat them like a business partner. Treating customers like god cultivates bad behavior. If you travel on public transport in Japan and the UK, you will see posters along the lines of "We shall not tolerate violence directed at our drivers."

Passengers beat up and or swear at public transport staff for a bus being late a few mins. Why? Because we live in a society where customers are treated like god. Why? Because the customer has paid a dollar and thus they feel they have the right to abuse and shout at folks who provide services. I am sure you have seen it yourself - maybe in a restaurant - or maybe on a bus.

I have experienced this first hand too - as a customer who has been obnoxious to airline staff. I think back and am ashamed at my behavior. An airline check-in staff was giving us a hard time about the names on our passport and would not let us board - I got frustrated and took out my anger on the staff - but why? because I am a "paying" customer? Does paying give me the right to be obnoxious to others?

But Karma is a thing - what goes round comes round. In my case, after being horrible to the airline check-in staff, I get to see the same staff member who I was horrible at the boarding gate - and what do I do? I look down at my feet in shame.

Having said that, you should never look down upon customers either - treat them like a business partner - you provide a service and you trade it for money - neither one of you is above the other.
When you put customers in front of everything you do - you fundamentally change everything you set out to do - you stop doing it for passion and end up doing it for the money.

At Smart Doll Land, we treat our customers as equal business partners - neither we or the customer is above each other. If a customer was indeed god, I would make sure my staff stayed behind until 12 midnight like most other Japanese companies - so that we can deliver stuff to god (the customer) on time.

Instead, we all leave at around 6PM - its important that our staff get rest and go home to watch The Toys That Made Us on Netflix or get in some Super Mario time.

If your first goal is to live your passion - the money will come sooner or later anyway - no need to focus on money first.

If you missed the link at the top of the page - goodies available below.