COVID-19, Japan and Smart Doll Update

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2020/03/17 18:50 JST

This is a quick update to let you know what’s going down in Japan and how it’s affecting us in Smart Doll Land.
So far the post apocalyptic situation has not affected our sales. In fact sales seem to be on the higher side - could it be due to the fact that more people are staying at home and need a Smart Doll to keep calm and carry on? Oh, if you are concerned about your Smart Doll getting odd looks because they are not following protocol by wearing a mask then we have some here for you.

As you know, Smart Doll and its apparel is made in Japan - so far the vendors that we work with here (injection molding, slush casting etc) continue business as usual and our strategy has always been to stock up on components to last us a few months in the event of a post apocalyptic event like the one we are living through now. Mirai Store Tokyo is where we do all the shipping and continues to open on weekdays from 10am - 6pm. We used to open on a couple of Sundays a month but we won’t until the pandemic is over.

I have posted our shipping schedule in our new Support Center which you can refer to when ordering - by following the schedule means that your waiting time is minimized and our shipping workflow becomes more efficient.