About the "BODYLESS" Option

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2020/05/27 11:49 JST

As I mentioned the other day on Instagram, demand has surpassed our ability to supply in terms of not only casting vinyl but also post processing and assembly. This is not just a matter of throwing more warm human bodies at the problem because the law of diminishing returns will start to take effect. Production has to be scalable too and at the moment there is much improvement that can be implemented.

For example the edges of the flash on the vinyl molds could be re-designed in a way that makes them easier to cut and the frame could be re-designed in a way so that it's more simpler to put together without sacrificing quality in torque - both of these are main projects which are in progress now but will take quite sometime to prototype and implement.

For the time being we need to think of a way to supply milk girls and the only way we can do that right at this very moment is to offer what we are calling a "Bodyless" option. You will see a "Bodyless" option on some milk Smart Dolls. As the name suggests, everything but the body, sports bra, telescopic stand and Keep Calm Bag are included.

This means that for example, Journey Alternate Milk will come with a painted head, wig cap, wig and eyes already installed - exactly like the Smart Doll minus the body.

However, the option to buy the bodyless version is only available to pre-existing Smart Doll customers. If you do not have a purchase history on our online store then you cannot order the bodyless versions. Folks who attempt to do so will have to prove that they own a Smart Doll in the same skin tone or the order will be canceled and refunded.

If you already own a Milk Smart Doll and order the bodyless version of Journey Alternate Milk for example, when the head arrives all you need to do is wrestle with the wig to get it on and pop the head on your Milk Smart Doll body. As the head is fresh, the neck hole will be small so kneel your Smart Doll on a soft surface, hold the shoulder area firmly and push the head on. Be-careful not to hold the face or poke their eyes or they will scream before the head starts to spin violently.

We used to sell the Cortex Body version of Smart Dolls for only a few thousand yen more but Cortex was always sold at a loss before they sold out. They took 3 times longer to assemble than vinyl bodies but we continued due to the "sunk costs" phenomenon and a constant reminder from accounting of how much I spent on the development ;-)