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POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2019/03/15 16:14 JST

Hey folks! Danny here. We has a new feature! It's cunningly entitled "Notify Me When Available" or NOtify ME When AvailBle" - NOMEWAB for short. Ok Joke but the feature is legit and handy for when you need to know as soon as something is available.

If you are an existing Smart Doll customer, use the email that you always use when ordering stuff from us. You need to verify your email the first time you sign up for a notification. Check your email and click on the link or we cant send you availability emails. Make sure to check your spam folder for any emails from us. Many AOL and Hotmail Mail addresses get bounced by your provider.

When something is available/comes back in stock, I first check to make sure seats are upright and tables folded before turning the key on the "Notify" slot. Emails then go in a queue but it can take a while before the server sends them out. There is a possibility that the product gets sold out before you get the mail due to other humans getting the mail before you. We have no control over the speed of the server until quantum computers are readily available for businesses to use.

There may be some instances where a product was due to be "back soon-ish" but then one of the factories decided they wouldn't make the fabric anymore - in this case the product will go into "no plans to restock" mode. It's important to know that in some cases, only the people who signup for the email alerts will get to buy it as a password will be sent to them.

There may be cases where we planned to make a product but things didn't work out for some reason including lack of interest, pandemic affecting..just about everything etc.

We guarantee that mails are sent but can't guarantee that the mail gets to you due to any network failures outside of our control or filters that your ISP may implement that block the mail completely - not even sending it to your spam folder.

If you are signing up for a product that is not out yet, it may take many moons before its actual release. However, given that there are so many external forces that affect business operations, there may be cases where we halt production of the product signed up for.

In some cases, products sell out before I get to hit the send button - if this is the case I won't send the email. There may be cases where you see a product available on the page way before the email is sent.

If you arrived at the product detail page only to find out that the goodies have gone then you need to sign up again but you won't have to activate your email.

By using this feature you understand that you have signed up for an alert and does not mean anything has been reserved for you. You also agree that you understand the terms above.

On 2019/05/20, we launched a new feature called "Notify me IF Available again" for products that went into the "No Plans To Restock" mode - while there are no plans, the lord can work in mysterious ways so the best thing to do is sign up anyway and.....

Anyway, folks who register for the alerts get priority so there may be cases where I don't even mention releases on Social Media.

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